5 Ways Lying Will Make Them Love You Less


For a relationship to succeed and endure the trials of everyday life, there must be a good balance. This balance creates the feeling of partnership that binds two people together and allows them to bring the best out in each other.

Relationship Lying

Credit: Cheat Sheet 

Lying disrupts this equilibrium. If you’ve already got into trouble for lying to your partner, or you’re a habitual liar who has had one lie lead to another and another in some vain attempt to keep the wool pulled over someone’s eyes… please be aware that your lying is only going to make them love you less… and less. Here’s why.


They Can’t Love Someone They Cannot Trust

Trust is an essential foundation of a good relationship, however, it should never be taken for granted. Your partner may start out with their trust in you but being lied to will erode that trust. Indeed, the most drastic impact that lying has on a relationship is the destruction of trust one person has in the other. Lies and trust simply cannot coexist, unless your partner is blissfully ignorant or stupid.


They Feel Disrespected

Being truthful to your partner proves to them that you place a significant value upon the relationship and are not prepared to jeopardize it by deceiving them. While some truths can put your relationship at risk or cast you in an unfavourable light, I guarantee you that lying will be far more damaging.


You Come Across as Cowardly

Being cowardly is very unattractive. Telling someone the truth, even if you know it will land you in a bit of trouble, shows that you are willing to be responsible for your actions. Lying shows the opposite of that.


They Know You Are Selfish

Lies are characteristic of selfishness and show that you disregard the wellbeing of the other party, which can make them feel unloved. It truly is your own self-interest above theirs. When you make someone feel this way, it eats away at all the positive feelings they may have had for you.


No One Rides The Bulls*** Train Forever

After uncovering the first lie or two, especially if you refuse to own up or you try to blame them for you having to lie.... they will be on perpetual high alert for your bullshit. When they are with you, they’re aware that they’re riding the bullshit train and if you don’t change, then it’s only a matter of time when they will need to get off it.