5 Ways to be Pro Coitus


Coitus. I’m thinking Sheldon Cooper hahaha.

Guide to Good Sex 

Credit: Doctor OZ

On a more serious note though, do you realise that we live in a society that shuns female sexuality and deems women who are sex-positive to be promiscuous? How unfair!

Being sex-positive simply means accepting our sexuality, and believing that sex isn’t something that we should be embarrassed about. It is a healthy and beneficial attitude to have.


Here are 5 ways to be Pro-Coitus in your bedroom:


1. Know what you want

Be honest about what you want or don’t want in bed. Don’t be afraid to give your man directions, instructions or even to stop him short when things are not pleasurable for you. There’s nothing wrong with a woman who is open and unafraid to express her preferences in bed.


2. Don’t judge him

… or anyone for that matter. While you’re entitled to your preferences and should expect not to be judged for it… you should also give that same respect to your partner. Whatever fantasy or sex position or sex toy your partner wants to try, approach it with an open mind. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to sex, so you have no right to judge someone for their preferences. Just be honest about your own boundaries. 


3. Don’t fake orgasms

You’re engaging in sex for your pleasure too, not simply to pleasure him. Yes, sex is bonding, and intimacy brings a couple closer… but bonding and intimacy with earth-shattering orgasms, now that’s what you really want. And the only way you’ll get there is by not faking any pleasure in the first place. It’s the only way he’ll learn what really turns you on and hits the right buttons.


4. Love your body

Be comfortable with your body and be confident about your body. No one has that perfect body, and we are often our own worst critics. Cellulite, flab, sweat... Whatever gross thing you can think of, it’s all part of being human. The best part is, our tolerances for such ‘gross’ things go up when we’re in the heat of having sex. So yeah, if his fat gut doesn’t bother you, you can be sure your queefing doesn’t turn him off either.


5. Experiment

Finally, experiment! Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. You might surprise yourself by finding that perhaps anal sex is pleasurable (it’s not to me, lol) or that role-playing isn’t awkward at all. Try it to really know if it’s for you or not. Experimenting and not being afraid of new sensations is liberating and exciting.