7 Fun Relationship Questions


This is not just conversation starters with the guy you're dating. It's actually beneficial to the relationship because it will help you to understand each other better as well as see how your future might pan out.


Credit: Alizila

Here are 7 fun questions to ask each other:


What qualities make me special to you?

It's always pleasant and reaffirming to hear the positives. It will also show you what he values about you.


What is one thing you would change about me?

Take this without offence (or try not to be overly sensitive). It is constructive criticism which will allow you to make positive changes to yourself and your relationship with him.


What is one thing no one knows about you?

This makes both of you dig deep and share some information that you can trust each other with. It will also bring you closer and help understand each other better.


What's a word or phrase that people use that you just cannot stand?

This is a good chance to see what irks him. Similarly, you can lay down what phrases irk you so he doesn't make the mistake of using them in future. Better still, whenever someone in your company uses such a phrase, you can shoot each other cheeky glances. Yay for inside jokes!


What do you do when your family/friends don't approve of a decision you have made?

This lets you see how headstrong a person he is, and also how much influence others can have on him as a person.


If you could choose a career you love which doesn't pay well or a career you hate but pays well. Which would you pick?

Shows you his priorities in life, how important money is to him and also what things he may be passionate about.


What is your favourite time of day?

Some people may be night owls while some feel more energised at the start of the day. Either way, this is a good piece of information to have if you're ever planning a big activity or if you need some time for serious conversation.