7 Major Signs Your Man is a Psychopath


Are you in a relationship with a psychopath?

Credit: Filthy Fun Run

You may think that is something you would know right away because there would be obvious signs… like perhaps the Swastika etched on his forehead, or that serial killer look in his eyes but nope! A psychopath can be extremely elegant and come across like a regular Prince charming. So unless you know what to look out for, you could possibly get sucked into the psychopath's life and not to know who he is until you are sucker punched. Here are some major signs you should look out for to identify a psychopath.


He is just like you

Like OMG he's your soulmate! Psychopaths will try to convince you that you're so alike. He likes the things you like and you've all of the similar interests. If you had a difficult childhood, he'll say he knows exactly what it's like because he experienced it too. That is why you know each other 'so well'. If there is an obscure book you like, he likes it too. What he is doing is called mirroring. He has no true identification so he will sucks yours up & mirrors it.


He Preys on your Pity

Pay cautious attention to what psychopath says at the start about his ex-girlfriend. Is she crazy? Did she hurt him so badly? Did she rob him blind? Does he look like he has had a hard time with all, who always abandon him? Is his Mom controlling and horrible? Whatever he says about many others in his life is quite much exactly what he'll be saying about you later on, so listen cautiously.


Great sex

Women who dated psychopaths frequently say that the sex was great. A psychopath goes out of his way (in the beginning) to please you in whatever way possible. It is just one more trick of getting you hooked. When hooked, you will find yourself gagging for intimacy which he will then withhold. It's part of his power play.



A Psychopath moves very rapidly. You're the woman he wants to marry (someday). He will tell you that you're so beautiful, elegant and intelligent. He'll play into each fantasy and insecurity you may have. If you think you are fat, he'll tell you how much he likes your body. If you think you are shy, he'll laugh at each time try at the joke and tell you'd have been a joker. This is known as love bombing. It is idealization phase he takes you hooked on. And it is the stage you'll spend the subsequently, however, a lot of months trying to get the stage back once he abruptly shuts it off.


Cracks in the mask

Imagine this, you're just cooking dinner like any regular day and then he blurts, I am cheating on you or I am crazy you know. He'll then either deny he said it or blame some other factor like stress. It's all an insensible slip of the mask of his character!


Silent treatment

When a psychopath has you hooked after the idealization and love bombing phase, they can start to devalue you. The first part in that’s normally to provide you the silent treatment over anything, Don't be surprised if he does not contact you for days at a time, and then blames you for it.


Illness & injuries

Psychopath really likes pity, so pay interest to how much illness and injuries he has had. Did he amazingly beat cancer? Does he break his feet on your 2nd date and has to cancel? Did he lose his wife in an accident that left him with trauma? Try to check his stories, call hospitals if you require to, but do not be amazed if he has a story for why you cannot find some data of any of his 'traumas'.


The best way to get away from a psychopath boyfriend is to fully go no contact. He’ll make it tough for you, a few psychopaths will stalk you either in person or on social media. You will definitely be vilified for the demise of your relationship with him. But trust me, girlfriend, just be done with him and let him play those games by himself. Move on with your life.