8 Benefits of Pleasuring Yourself


Masturbation is taboo in many conservative societies, including ours. Practically everyone does it (or has done it at some point in their lives). It’s a shame that many still look upon self-pleasuring as something embarrassing, or wrong… when in fact it’s one of the best and healthiest things you can do for yourself.


Credit: Pic Jumbo

Here are 8 benefits of masturbation:


1. You get fit

Yup, you do! Orgasms burn calories like a good work out does. Plus the contractions you get from orgasms help tone your abs, strengthens your pelvic floor muscles (like Kegels… only much more fun).


2. It feels great


Credit: Net Doctor

Stimulating your clitoris feels amaaaaaaazing. You can use your fingers or a vibrator, it really doesn’t take much to get you there.


3. It beats insomnia

Can’t sleep at night? Try pleasuring yourself at bedtime. Relaxation is increased through the release of endorphins.


4. You learn about your body

You discover what spots are more pleasurable than others, what intensity, rhythms and speeds can get you to climax. Then you can transfer this knowledge over to sex with your partner so he can help you come too.


5. It’s safe

You’re in a safe private place, you don’t need any sort of contraceptive or worry about STDs. It’s pure enjoyment without any of the risks.


6. It combats stress


Credit: Net Doctor

Masturbation can reduce stress and provide a form of release of pent-up tension and emotions.


7. Keeps you healthy

Fact! Women who experience more orgasms lessen their risk of coronary heart disease and type-2 diabetes.


8. Relieves menstrual cramps

During an orgasm, your muscles contract. The contractions can actually relieve cramping during that time of the month. Plus it will also push blood out faster, so you end up clearing your period sooner!