Chat Up Lines for Online Dating


Tinder… Coffee Meets Bagel… or whatever dating app you’re on, after you get past the initial swipe and you like what you see, you need an opening line.

Photo by Hoàng Chương from Pexels

To stand out and be noticed, you need a good start to a conversation that will grab his attention (yet not come across as too cheesy). Here are some chat up lines that might work to hook your Mr Right.


1. Hone in on his personal interest

Take the time to look at his photos and his profile information. Is there a particular brand of philosophy he seems to subscribe to? Or does his pet dog appear alongside him in his profile picture? Zero in on these things. If he has a dog, you could start the conversation by saying that you love animals, and ask him if there’s any park or dog run he frequents with his pooch. Show interest in joining him for the next pet outing. And boom! You have a first date.


2. Talk about travel

Everyone who has been anywhere, love to talk about their travels. Ask him about his most recent trips abroad, and tell him about your ideal destination or future trips planned. This is bound to get a great conversation going and he will feel like you’re making the effort to connect with him. Heck of a lot better than the other girls on the app who start off the conversation by asking him where he works, what car he drives and where he lives!


3. Ask about food

Singaporeans love food, and a big part of their social lives revolve around dining out. Start a conversation by asking him about his favourite restaurants, especially if his pictures show him in an actual restaurant. Ask him how the food and ambience were and let that lead into plans for a pig out session together… just two foodies enjoying each others’ company, no stress!


4. Play a game

Be intriguing and different from the rest by starting off the conversation with a game instead of an introduction. It’s called two truths and a lie. So you could perhaps open by saying something like, “Hi, I’m Holly. I was in a beauty pageant once. I can play the violin. I hate tomatoes. Two of these are true and one is a lie” It’ll be interesting to find out which he thinks is a lie and why. 


5. Ask about his morning routine

Just simply open with, how do you start your mornings? What his morning routine is like can reveal a lot about how compatible you are. Does he start the day with a morning jog… while you’re the kind that sleeps in until you’re late for work? Hopefully, you’ll find that his routines are compatible to yours and you can both start off on the same wavelength. If not, then, abort the mission and try this chat line on the next attractive person on that app!