Coital Alignment Technique


Are you one of those girls who loves foreplay but the intercourse that happens after is just something you 'put up with'. You're not alone because surprisingly there are lots of women who don't climax during intercourse or even find it pleasurable.

Credit: Dissolve 

Fret not, there's something you can try that's not out of this world crazy karma sutra like. In fact, it's a man on top style, which is pretty missionary and vanilla (but feels much better!).

It's a simple coital alignment technique which involves changing the position the penis penetrates the vagina.

You start off with the regular missionary position. So that's you lying down with your legs open and your man on top of you. Now instead of the usual thrusting, get him to move his body forward so his head is slightly above your head. It's roughly a few inches higher up than usual, so your faces are further apart than when doing the usual missionary position.

By doing this, his penis will be angled downwards and stimulate the wall of your vagina while the base of his penis will rub against your clitoris. Most women need clitoral stimulation to attain climax.

He should move in a steady rocking rhythm instead of moving his penis in and out of your vagina. Think of it like grinding but with his penis inside you.

Try it tonight, no need to thank me. I swear it's one of the few men on top positions which is likely for a woman to reach orgasm with.