Daddy Roleplay


Daddy role play is when the man takes on the role of a father and the woman takes on the role of a child or teenager. It doesn’t actually mean having any sort of sexual relations with your actual father (NO!!!). Yet, some people still find this type of roleplay gross. But let me explain why it can actually be a huge turn on.

Credit: Life Hack

Traditionally, the male is viewed as a provider, one who takes care of his woman. This is not unlike the relationship between father and daughter. By taking on the ‘daddy’ role during sex, the man is essentially taking on a role that is stronger and more powerful. This gives him the feeling that he is totally in control and the woman is in harmony with this feeling of being temporarily subservient to her man. It creates a feeling of a powerful differential. To me, this is hot!

And youth is attractive to men, while women love to feel youthful. I don’t know of any sane ladies who want to take on the role of an old hag or grandmother in role play. Nor any sane man who wants to imagine he’s screwing an old lady, do you?

Furthermore, there is the appeal of the forbidden. It’s taboo. And that can add lots of excitement. It doesn’t necessarily have to be daddy-daughter roles either (personally, I don’t like the incestuous feeling). You can get the same results from other ‘taboo’ relationships between an older man and younger woman. The key is one role gives the man the feeling power and control while the other role gives the woman the excitement of innocence and subservience. So here are 3 of my favourite roles you could try out.


Boss and Secretary

Credit: Cute Outfits Galore

Which man doesn’t fantasise about getting a blowjob while sitting at his desk? Picture this. You enter his office to pass him some files. When you bend over to place those files on his desk, he catches a glimpse of your sexy lacy bra underneath your button down blouse.

Build that sexual tension. Build it! Ohhh it will be so rewarding when it finally ends with a romp on the table top/ desk. This fantasy can be acted out in the privacy of your bedroom, but you can also take it up a notch and give him a very pleasant (yet discreet) surprise at his office!


Professor and Student


Credit: USA Network

While some women fantasise about sex with a hunky muscular man, it’s not my thing. I love the Professor-Student roleplay because I find intellectual men extremely appealing.

The script? Maybe the professor is sitting at his desk, and you come in as a slutty student, on the pretence of needing some help with some things you did not understand during his lecture. He tries to maintain professionalism even though he is very turned on by you, in your school girl outfit. You inch closer and closer to him while he’s explaining theories or what not. Until finally you sit in his lap while leaning forward over his desk, pretending to be engrossed in the lecture notes. Your pleated tartan skirt is short, you’re not wearing underwear, and he can feel you press against his crotch. Turned on yet?

By the way, a professor doesn’t have to be a skinny nerdy bookworm… think Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones!


Neighbour and Young Girl


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This is my all time favourite. It’s raining, you’ve just reached home (from hanging at the mall with your friends or whatever) but you’ve lost your keys. Your parents aren’t home. In a pinch, you knock on your neighbour’s door instead. He is a hot older man. He lets you in so you can wait until your parents get home. You politely and gratefully sit on his couch, your shirt is see through now because it got wet in the ‘rain’ (wet your shirt with water or what la).

He brings you a towel and you ask if he could help dry you. He obliges by helping your dab your hair dry. Then he moves down gently towards your shoulders, and then your chest and he notices that your hard nipples are so visible under the wet fabric…

Think back to the first time you were kissed on a date, how it made you blush, those butterflies, being nervous yet so excited you could burst! That’s the sort of feeling is what daddy role play gives you. Have fun!