Don’t Want No Short Short Man?


It is becoming more common these days to date a short man. If you are considering dating a short man, ensure that you are ready for this sort of relationship, because unfortunately, there are lots of people who make jest of tall women and short guys dating each other. And the lack of height can sometimes bring up other insecurity and incompatibility issues within the relationship.

Credit: Daily Mail

Here are some tips to help you date a shorter man.

Be supportive.
It is most likely that your man will receive self-pity, smirks glances and other uncomfortable reactions from other people. Be supportive. Let everyone know that in spite of the height difference you are proud to be with him. If people stare, look at them and smile, and pull your man in closer because you’re not embarrassed to be seen with him at all.

Learn from other couples in the same situation.
It will not always be a trouble-free, smooth-sailing experience when you date a man who is much shorter than you. There are lots of ways you can overcome the prejudice of others but the best way to find out what works for you is to talk to other couples who are going through the same thing. Learning about their experiences will inspire and encourage you to handle this type of relationship well. If they can handle it, you sure too can handle it.

Be sure that both of you are confident and comfortable with who you are.
Dating a short man can make you feel very self-conscious. It can also be very damaging for the guy's ego as so many people will feel sorry for you and not him. This is because they believe you have received the short end of the stick. If both of you have confidence, what other people think will not affect your relationship. If you are comfortable about the relationship then you will not care about the opinion of others.

Both of you should freely discuss the height issue.
Do not try to disguise the fact that you are dating a short man… by always crouching down in photographs and never wearing high heels. Neither of you should ignore discussing the height issue. You need to be very honest with each other about how you both feel about the height difference you both share. Talk about what your response should be when someone casually, rudely or politely comments about the height difference.