Dumbest Things Women Do in Bed


So, sex isn’t mind-blowing? It should be! (OK, not necessarily all the time, but there should be a good mix of out of this world type sex sessions along with your average ones). Don’t be ignorant and think that "it's not me, it's just him". Woman, check yourself! 

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Are you doing any of these Dumbest Things Women Do in Bed? (Please stop)

5. Talk Too Much

Guiding him and telling him what's pleasurable or some kinky talk - GOOD. Yakking away about stuff not related to sex at that moment in time - BAD. And please.. don't use this time to suddenly spring questions like - Do you love me enough to marry me? or... Will you take me on holiday? or ... Will you meet my parents tomorrow?... it's underhanded. Shame on you!

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4. Not Even a Squeak

Don’t swing right to the other end of the noise spectrum though! If he has to ask you a few times- "Have you come yet?" then... chances are.. you're too bloody quiet, he doesn't have a clue what's going on with you.

3. Hiding

If he's having such an intimate relationship with you, then he should like you enough to see your body and all its "flaws". Don't undress under the covers or in the pitch dark. Look at each other, admire what's in front of you. Sex is a loving bonding experience. Why would you want to skip through any part?

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2. Using Too Much Teeth or Nails

Some amount of running your nails on his body is nice. But why do some women think it’s sexy to freaking use their partner’s back as a bloody etch-a-sketch? No.. pleasure and pain are not really the same. At least not to normal people.

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1. Faking Orgasms

Just. Don't. Do. This. Once you start faking, he thinks he's doing everything right. And if he doesn't know it's not working, he's not going to change it. It's a vicious cycle of unfulfilling sex!
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