Eco-Friendly Gifts for Your Man


Save the Earth, hug a tree. This Christmas, you can do your little part towards the conservation of our planet by picking out a sustainable, eco-friendly gift for your man.

Eco-friendly gifts man 

Photo by from Pexels

Look at products which are made by companies who make their manufacturing processes more planet-friendly, use materials that have been ethically sourced and are sustainable, or are made from recycled or repurposed materials. Eco-friendly products are trending now and there are widely available options which don’t cost the Earth.

Here are 5 ideas.



Eco-friendly gifts man 

Credit: LSTN 

I have yet to meet a man who does not appreciate good sound. Good quality headphones or earphones make great gifts. However, not every city or country is able to recycle electronic waste, so earphones are not usually recyclable once they are spoilt and trashed. Eco-friendly earphones are usually made from vegan leather and wood as well as other recyclable materials. For instance, you can check out The Troubadour from LSTN which is made from waste wood collected from flooring and furniture companies, or Woodbuds which are made mainly of wood and the cables have biodegradable plastic as their prime component.


Reebok Cotton+Corn

Eco-friendly gifts man 

Credit: Reebok

Late last year, Reebok launched shoes made of corn. Yep, corn! A 100% cotton upper and a biobased sole derived from corn makes their shoes an eco-friendly alternative to the petroleum-based rubber and foam soles that are used in other footwear. Petroleum is known to pollute the air, water, and soil. Furthermore, Reebok Cotton+Corn is undyed, and the packaging is made from recycled materials. They look stylish and are comfortable too. Once the shoes have reached the end of their wear, they will be used to make compost to fertilize the land in which cotton and corn are grown so they won’t end up in landfills. 


Bento box

Eco-friendly gifts man 

Credit: Lazada

Eco-friendly bento boxes are usually made of wheat straw or corn. Pick one that has the right amount of compartments for him. And one that is non-toxic, has a silicone ring to keep things sealed and is microwave safe. Gifting your man an eco-friendly bento box is a great way to get him to eat healthily, save money, and reduce his daily plastic waste. You can make him daily lunches or snacks which he can take to work. There are lots of online sources for bento box meal ideas, you can do Japanese on Monday, Tacos on Tuesday and so on. He will love the variety and that it was made with love.



Eco-friendly gifts man 

Credit: Herschel

Backpacks are great as a carry on when travelling and also for his daily commute to work. Brands such as Fjällräven, Herschel and Patagonia have eco-friendly backpacks which are stylish and rugged. When picking an eco-friendly backpack for him, look for one that is made of sustainably-sourced, natural and/or recycled materials, is sturdy and durable, and has a classic style so he can enjoy it for years to come! Many eco-friendly and reputable brands come with lifetime warranties and repair programs too. 


Travel pouch out of old clothes

Eco-friendly gifts man 

Credit: weallsew

If you’re on a tight budget or are great with DIY, take an old shirt of his (or old necktie, or shorts etc) and repurpose it into a travel pouch. You can make it into a drawstring pouch, a zippered pouch… or if you’re particularly skilful, a roll-up pouch full of compartments for all your travel needs! It’s even more meaningful if it’s fashioned out of a garment that holds some sentimental value, for example, you can make it out of the clothes you both wore on your first date. Or Make it out of one of your baby’s rompers.