Every Woman Needs an Alpha Male


I have always been drawn to alphas. I don’t think it’s a sign of weakness on my part. I’m just traditional when it comes to gender roles and I finding my place in a pack. 

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I feel I have a lot to offer an alpha in terms of support, encouragement, affection and watching out for him (because people always overlook the fact that alphas need that too), so it is really a two-way thing.

Being an alpha male is not about beating one’s puffed out chest like a gorilla… that’s a common misconception! An alpha male has a lot of great qualities which make him an excellent partner and lover. Here’s what attracts me to an alpha male


Alpha males are possessive

… but not overly so. Over possessiveness is a sign of weakness and lack of confidence. But an alpha is possessive in a sense that he wants you to do your own thing and is comfortable with you being an independent woman. But if you are hurt, upset, or in trouble, he will swoop in, your battles are his battles too because you are his. He will fight for you fiercely.


Alpha males don’t put you down


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It’s to do with his own self-confidence, alpha males don’t feel the need to be passive aggressive towards their partners. They don’t hold back praise in a bid to thumb down your self-worth. Indeed, the alpha male notices all that is great about you and he'll tell you because he wishes you to feel great. He will tell you that that dress you’re wearing makes you look real hot (instead of demanding that you wear something less attractive). He knows that while other men look at you, you'll be leaving with him.


Alpha males have broad shoulders

It’s a primal fetish of mine, I am a sucker for men with strong shoulders. Alpha males aren’t necessarily big sized beef cakes. But they take pride in their appearance and are at some level, pretty fit, healthy and in shape. The natural breath of an alpha male’s shoulders has to do with his posture, and how he carries himself with confidence.


Alpha males don’t shrug responsibilities


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They understand that life is the result of their own actions and choices. When things go wrong, they don’t push the blame to you. They don’t blame others for their lack of anything. They stand up for what’s right and fight what’s wrong. And they will fight for those who cannot fight for themselves.


Alpha males are secure

An alpha male is secure enough to be able to rejoice in the success of those around him. There are few things in life that are more unattractive than a salty man who is sour grapes. He is kind to those around him and is genuinely happy to see his friends (and you) succeed.