Flirty Messages to Send a Guy


Flirty messages are the dick pic equivalent when it comes to titillating a potential suitor via text…  but it’s not a turn-off. Dick pics are desperate and even corny? The right flirty messages, however, skirt the fringes between being sexually suggestive and innocently playful.


Credit: Raw Pixel 

Here are 10 flirty messages you can send him:


1. What’s your favourite food? I’d like to make dinner for you

This suggests that you want to have him over at your place. Kind of like the Netflix and Chill code in the dating world which means there will be sex, and cooking for him is just a mode of getting him over first.


2. I just got out of the shower.

Men are visual creatures. Plant an image of yourself naked in his head and his mind will run wild!


3. You’re going to love the outfit I’m going to wear tonight. 

And then when he compliments your outfit on your date, you add “oh this? No, no. This is NOT the outfit I was referring to. You’ll have to wait for later in the night to see THAT one.”


4. I can’t wait to be by your side again.

… and then before he gets a chance to reply, follow that message with “or on top if you prefer.”


5. I can’t sleep. I blame you.

This is cute because it tells him that he is on your mind. Then depending on how he responds, you can say, “I guess you’ll have to come over and fix that now."


6. If you send me a sexy pic, I might send you one back ;)

Don’t just send him a suggestive pic unsolicited, let the tension build up. This could be a titillating game where each pic you send each other gets a little bit more and more risque.


7. I can’t decide between buying this lace bra or the sheer bra.

This will send his mind racing and he will likely ask for pictures. Play hard to get and send him the picture of the lingerie on its own first. And then text him that if it helps, you could try them on for him.


8. Hey, just wanted you to know that if things get hard. I mean really hard. I could give you a hand, or something.

It’s playful, suggestive and cheeky. It also shows that you’re fun and have a sense of humour. And the next time he gets a hard on, you can be sure he’ll be thinking of you.


9. I dreamt about you last night.

It’s flattering to be told that you were the subject of someone’s dream. It usually means that they were thinking about you a lot. And when he asks you to tell him about it, you say, “ ermm.. Maybe not… because I’m blushing just thinking about it.” This makes it clear that it was a hot and raunchy dream.


10. How many more dates do we have to go on before I can see you naked?

It’s cheeky and forward, but sometimes, men appreciate you making bold moves. 


Send these texts (not all at once though lol) to a guy you like and I guarantee you’ll be on his mind.