Free Sex vs. Paid Sex


Sex. If you’ve had it, you’ve probably paid for it. We are all in one way or another paying for sexual pleasures. 

Credit: Behind the Red Light District

One of my guy friends was telling me about why he stopped seeing this girl he was dating. Apparently, after a couple weeks of dating, he took her on a weekend holiday in Thailand. He splurged on a fancy hotel room. And she still did not sleep with him. He was expecting that if she accepted the holiday, then sex was on the cards for him.

The Big Difference Between Sex For Money and Sex For Free, is that sex for money usually costs less!

I think it's quite true indeed!

A long time ago, the topic of paid sex came up during one of my dates. And I slipped him the question- Have you ever paid for sex? This is important because I could never date someone who has ever resorted to prostitution.

And then he surprised me with his answer...-  ALL MEN PAY FOR SEX, one way or another. Before you get a girl in bed, you'll have to take her out to dinner etc, and all that costs money.

When I look at my own dating habits... I realise that on the first date, if I like the person and I know that it's going to go further (meaning doesn't end at just one date), I let him foot the bill.

But you know how sometimes you're out on a first date, and you kinda know that this is not the person for you...?? Well, when I get THAT feeling, I always scramble to pay for the meal when the bill comes. I guess subconsciously, I don't want to be indebted, or feel obligated since I know he's not going to get anything from me ........ (I meant a second date!). [Girls, I cannot stress this enough. Sleeping with a man on the first date is just POOR FORM! No matter how attracted you are to him. NO! DON'T !]

So... do you agree? All men pay for sex indirectly? All those men who meet women at the club, on the train, at church (!), online or wherever ... they still end up paying for it.

It's no wonder so many pay to go to prostitutes! It's cheaper. And you're guaranteed sex after paying for it. Dating on the other hand... is a gamble.

Which brings me now to another question. If paying for the date is akin to paying for sex... Then don't women pay for sex too?

We spend money on nice clothes, pay for Brazilian waxes, get sexy underwear, pay for contraceptive pills.... all that... I'm pretty sure women out there are not doing these things to make themselves unfuckable!

What do you think? Are all sex paid sex?