Hakuna My Tatas - A Guide to Fondling Her Breast the Right Way


This one is for the guys who claim to be breast men. Aside from knowing where to grope, how much do you really know about how to pleasure a woman through her breasts?


Credit: Reader's Digest


Don’t bite down on the nipples!

Some breasts are very sensitive, while others can handle rougher play. Don’t start off by unleashing your gnashers on her nipples. *yeowch*  Gentle nibbles, sucking and tongue flicks feel a whole lot more sensual and arousing.


Suck More

Especially during foreplay. But remember that your mouth doesn’t have to be a Dyson. Most of us just need a little suction to get a good amount of pleasure. If you aim to create some kind of vacuum seal then things can get painful.



Yes, they’re pointing straight at you but if you want to hakuna her tatas, it’s not all about the nipples. There are whole mounds of breasts yearning for your touch. Cupping and caressing them intensifies our arousal. Please note I said caressing, not kneading or meat tenderising.


Widen that radius


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Trail your kisses all over her breasts and beyond. Be sure to include her collarbones and ribcage too.


Play hard to get

Don’t go in guns blazing. Kiss her collarbones, ribcage, breasts but ignore her nipples for a few minutes. She’s going to really be begging (either out loud or secretly in her head) for her nipples to be sucked. Just breathe warmly over them but don't make any actual contact. When you finally go in for the kill, the build-up will be worth it because it will likely lead to a whopping orgasm.


Work your way up the kinky scale

Start off gentle and sensual. But as you go along adjust the pressure and roughness based on her response. Every woman is different. In time, you can even discuss adding toys like nipple clamps.


So there you have it, simple ways to satisfy her purely through her breasts. That breast orgasm is really not a myth at all. Trust me on this one, guys.