His & Her Matching Travel Must-Haves


Travelling as a couple can be a real test of relationship compatibility. It could make or break your relationship. But hey, while you’re at it, might as well look the part right?

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Here are some matching couple must haves to take with you on your next couple’s adventure. They are so chic, stylish and wank worthy that they won’t make you, or him… or anyone cringe!


1. Matching Rimowa Luggage


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Rimowa is a premium brand of luggage and when it comes to style, maneuverability and craftsmanship, Rimowa beats all other brands by a long shot. You can either go for Aluminum or Polycarbonate. The polycarbonate cases are more lightweight. The aluminium ones are such a classic beauty but they are more expensive and dent easily. Which ever matching set you pick, go a step further by personalising with matching luggage tags.


2. Matching leather jackets


Credit: Hello Fashion Blog

Black leather jackets are a chic and versatile must have which both men and women can pull off effortlessly. You can dress it up or down, it doesn’t crumple in your lugagge and it will take you through a good range of weather conditions. It’s easy to mix and match clothes to go with your leather jacket, so you can each have your own preferred style, tied together by the black leather jacket.


3. Matching Adidas Trainers


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Comfortable footwear is vital for travel. I like the comfort a good pair of trainers can provide on a long haul flight, several hours on my feet exploring a new city, or simply when I have to scramble and run to catch a connecting flight or the train that’s about to leave the platform! Adidas is renowned for shoes which are comfortable and sport appropriate and yet stylish enough for everyday streetwear. You don’t have to wear an identical pair of shoes with your man, but you will surely find designs which complement each other.


4. Matching Beach Wear


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Your man looks hot. There are women lolling around in barely there swimsuits. Let’s be honest. If there’s absolutely one time you want to mark your territory, it’ll be on the beach. Lol. You don’t have to give anyone the evil eye, you can just make it clear that you’re a couple with what you wear. Match your bikini with his beach shorts. There are some brands like Sundek which do matching couple pieces. Or you can buy different bands but colour coordinate your look. You’ll both look like such a cute couple.