Movie Characters for Halloween Roleplay in the Bedroom


It’s Halloween! Let’s take the fun into the bedroom!


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The Lara croft and sexy nurse look have been done to death, so here are 3 sexy costume ideas and their matching sex positions based on the latest movies of 2019.


Sophie Dumond, JOKER


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While the Harley Quinn character is playfully sexy and fun to roleplay, it’s too 2016. Catch up with the times and roleplay the Joker’s other love interest, Sophie Dumond. She’s a hardass single mum who has taken some hard knocks in life. 


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The roleplay look you’re going for is all black leather, make up for a white patch around one eye, and wild hair. For a sex position, try the Hardball. Make him lie with his head against the headboard. Climb on top of him, facing the headboard and insert him between your legs. Holding the headboard (or with your palms against the wall behind him), drape your body over him as you pump him. Your body will be stretched out over him, in a dominant position. Command him to grab your breasts which are bouncing just at his face. 


Jessie, Toy Story 4


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This one is for those who prefer a cuter look for Halloween bedroom roleplay. We’re not all black leather and whips kind of girls! In Toy Story 4, Jessie is depicted as an energetic and free-spirited cowgirl. 


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The role play look you’re going for is a cute and sexy cowgirl outfit. These should be relatively easy to find in adult shops, costume shops or online. Just to amp up the cuteness, use an eyebrow pencil to dot freckles on your cheeks. For a sex position, you have to perform the reverse cowgirl. Get him to lie on his back, you face away from him and straddle him like a stallion. You can control the pace and the angle, making it pleasurable for you. Men love this position too and your outfit will add to his visual pleasure. 


Rey, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker


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Princess Leia makes for a real sexy roleplay for Star Wars fans but it’s also kinda… old now. Roleplaying Rey is an update from roleplaying Princess Leia. In Star Wars, Rey is a Jakku scavenger, who despite dismissing herself as 'no one,' actually has the power of the force. 

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You can easily put together a Rey costume by strategically draping beige fabric and holding them in place with a leather sash or belt.  Your man will surely enjoy unravelling this costume. For a sex position, try the Standing doggy. This type of costume allows easy access from the back. You stand facing a wall and use it for support to push against, and your partner stands and penetrates you from behind.