#RelationshipGoals - Things to Do Together with Your Partner


Hey girl! Don’t settle for less than you deserve. In fact, reach that little bit higher and aim for your idea of perfection.

Credit: WeHeartIt

When it comes to relationship goals, please don’t limit yourself to those shallow, dumbass Instagram shots of a guy giving his giggling girlfriend a piggyback ride or that couple feeding each other dessert.  -_-


Aim to do something new together once a month.

A new restaurant, a new sport or exercise, a new sex position… it doesn’t matter what it is, just be game to try something new together and keep that spark of novelty alive.


Give back together.

Pick a cause which you both believe in… it could be the SPCA if you’re both animal lovers, or a charity organisation. Start a $1 coin jar at home and donate all the money in there once it’s full, or volunteer your time together on a weekend or day off to help out. It’s a meaningful experience you can both share.  


Build a trust fortress.

Trust needs to be earned and developed with every new relationship. Work with your partner to strengthen the trust between the both of you so much that it becomes a formidable fortress. This involves being honest and loyal to your partner, acting with integrity and being someone your partner can rely on.


Plan a grand surprise.

Do something so crazy like a huge party, or a secret weekend getaway or any grand gesture which will leave no doubt in your partner’s mind that they are loved and thought of. Of course, it’s not realistic to have this happen all the time but every once in a while, taking your partner’s breath away will etch a lifelong memory in the heart.


Have a shared plan for the future.

It’s fun to project your desires and share with each other what you wish for the future. At what age do you hope to settle down and get married? How many kids would you like to have? Where in the world would you like to live? From this, create a shared plan which accommodates both your desires and ideals (with some compromises of course).  


When it comes to having that perfect relationship, it’s ok to outdream yourself. Of course, there’s no guarantee you’ll get exactly what you want, but the chance is always there. If you don’t try, you definitely don’t get.