Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for New Parents


As new parents, juggling our lives together with the addition of babies or toddlers, we often dread that good old-fashioned romance is a thing of the past.

Credit: Readers' Digest

But there is no need for seduction and romance to be cast aside. All it takes is that little bit of planning and effort. 

Here are some excellent ideas to get the groove on for you new parents’.


1. Get up to watch the sunrise. I know it may be counter-intuitive to get out of bed while your kids are still asleep. Sleep precious sleep!!! But just once, get up before everyone else in the house does, sit out on the balcony, and take in the sunrise with your partner.

2. Watch a sexy movie together. After the kids are put down for the night, whip out the treats, and stream a steamy movie together in the comfort of your own bedroom.

3. Take a bath with each other and sip a glass of wine in the tub.

4. Put on a costume. You can order one online. Put it on at night after the kids are asleep. It really doesn’t take much effort. So get that French maid dress you have been thinking about.

5. Get someone else to watch your kids for the evening and then chill in your living room with a glass of wine and listen to music together that is not Baby Shark.

6. Before bed, give one another a stimulating massage. Use those bottles of baby oil you got at your baby shower last year.

7. Spice-up your bedroom decor. Get new sheets, some candles and scents, dim the lighting and turn it into a romantic den.

8. Connect in a roleplay together. Pretend you are someone who is not perpetually exhausted (lol).

9. Send sexy, seductive text messages to each other during the day.

10. Stay-up with each other until late. Though it may be past your usual bedtime, you can spend that additional time reconnecting with each other.