Scariest Sex Scenes in Movies


Credit: Fanpop


Antichrist (2009)


Credit: Youtube Trailer Chan

This is an English-language Danish experimental art horror film written and directed by Lars von Trie. It’s a story of a couple (Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg) who, following the death of their child, retreat to live in an isolated cabin in the woods where the woman manifests increasingly violent sexual behaviour and sadomasochism. There’s a hardcore sex scene between the couple, including the sight of the woman cutting off her clitoris with scissors. If this doesn’t scare you, I don’t know what will!


Tetsuo: The Iron Man (1989)


Credit: Asian Movie Pulse

A Japanese cyberpunk horror film written, produced, edited, and directed by cult-film director Shinya Tsukamoto.  In this film, the Iron Man’s body slowly morphs into metal, and in one of the weirdest scenes of the film, he discovers that his penis has become a large power drill. He then proceeds to rape his girlfriend with it until he kills her.


Hatchet 2 (2010)


Credit: Dr Carnage World of Horror

This horror flick about a hatchet wielding killer is directed by Adam Green. The gory sex scene shows AJ Bowen decapitated while romping doggy style with Alexis Peters. But Alexis doesn't realise he has been decapitated because AJ’s post head-chop convulsions apparently make him more vigorous and better in bed.


Don’t Look Now (1973)


Credit: Dr Giallo

This is an oldie but its sex scene is still considered explicit even by today’s standards. It’s still listed as one of the best sex scenes ever made. Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland portray a married couple who travel to Venice following the recent accidental death of their daughter. The sex scene is not gory, but it’s so raw and graphic.


The Last House on the Left (Remake 2009)


Credit: Fanpop

It’s a story of a couple and their daughter Mari who head out on vacation to their lake house. If you watch the unrated version that hasn’t been censored, it features an extended rape scene that is absolutely grueling and intense. In the sex scene, Mari and her friends- Paige and Justin are kidnapped by a psycho named Krug. Krug then forces Justin to fondle Mari's breasts. Paige begins insulting him to get him to stop; in response, Krug stabs Paige repeatedly, and Mari watches her friend bleed to death. Krug then rapes Mari.