Sex Positions Men Actually Hate


It might be difficult to fathom that guy could hate anything about sex. Sex is sex right? They think about it every three seconds or something. But the reality is, not all of us offer men good sex… in fact we may be doing one (or more?!) of these positions men actually hate.


Credit: Love Panky

It is rather hard to universally declare some sex positions as the incorrect ones to do, but some are absolutely worse than others. I discussed with a handful men about sex positions they are less than thrilled about. Here is what they had to say.


Her Sitting on My Face

“I like to go down on a woman, but what I do not like is the complete sitting on my face thing. Women never seem to get this position right and end up actually fully sitting on my face! You’re supposed to hover, use your thigh muscles! If not, I can’t breathe or manoeuvre well under there, “ says Aaron, 31.


Cowgirl with Excessive Bouncing

“I like when a girl is on top and has good rhythm and momentum. But nothing scares me more than when a girl begins bouncing up and down, making a pogo stick out of my cock. It is in those conditions which I fear she will come back down, and miss getting in the hole, then I will end up with a broken cock,” says Jason, 36.


Reverse Cowgirl

“If in the reverse cowgirl she needs to lean back a bit, so I can touch her pussy or her breasts while she’s riding me. But girls usually just lean forward when doing the reverse cowgirl because it’s easier. Then they’re just there rocking back and forth. Not nice ah, like no feeling.” says KK, 18.



“It is just boring for me, while I love to see her face when she orgasms, it does not really do much else for me. I only do it to let her enjoy but I much prefer doggy”, says Rayan, 22.


Spoon Position

“I dislike the spoon position, there’s more friction between my body and the sheets than there is between my penis and her vagina! And the arm thing forever throws me, where do I put my arm??? It’s all so comical and a boner killer”, says Daniel, 25