Sexcuses of Singaporean Men


Women tend to be known for turning down sex, more so than men. We have all heard/used these reasons; not in the mood for sex, a headache, too tired, that time of the month etc. But when a man is not in the mood, women become suspicious and start doubting her sexual attractiveness, or whether he is ‘getting it’ somewhere else. This is not necessarily so. If a man turns down sex, it does not mean he cheats or he is not attracted to you.


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Here are 5 legit sexcuses of Singaporean men:


He is on medication


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If your man has a medical condition that requires medication, do your due diligence to know whether his medication has side effects which include lowering of libido. Some medications adversely affect testosterone levels and that results in erectile dysfunction and loss of sex urge. If that is the case, encourage him to discuss other alternative medication with his doctor. Be understanding and don’t pressure him to perform.


Fear of hurting the baby during pregnancy

This is the most popular excuse which Singaporean men give to their expectant wives. It’s taboo. They are bothered about how the baby will be impacted by sexual intercourse. A lot of action is more likely to take place when we have knowledge of where the baby’s head is located. A little education and some simple reassurance are exactly what‘s needed in this case. The baby is well protected by closed shut cervix, strong uterine wall, mucus plug and a strong uterine wall. Explain that to him, and if he still doesn’t feel comfortable, then there are many ways to engage in intimacy without intercourse too.


He has a headache


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It may sound like a lame excuse, but he might really not be feeling good. When he is down with the flu, migraine or even a bad cold, sex is usually the last thing on his mind when he cannot breathe with a runny or stuffy nose and his body aches. Do cut him some slack, and give him time to recover before initiating intimacy.



Stress is a huge libido killer for men. Men sometimes feel the pressure of their roles in the family, in society… in life. Life in Singapore is stressful! Add work and financial pressures to the list and he may end up thinking that sex is not that important. Women are well aware that this works the same for them too; when they feel overtaxed and very emotionally pressured, it is very difficult to be in the mood for sex – sex is, in fact, the last thing on your mind. While orgasm and sex are usually a huge stress reliever, high stress levels can be an impediment for any man or woman.Don’t add to be pressure by making a big deal out of him turning down sex, he probably feels bad enough about it.


He is out of shape

Yes, it’s not just women who have body hang ups. Another reason why a man will turn down sex is if he gained a lot of weight recently. The excess weight not only makes him feel unattractive, but it can reduce testosterone levels which influence libido. He is out of sex shape if he is out of shape. He may be quite embarrassed about it. So if this is the case, try to offer more positive affirmation and assure him that you are still attracted to him. Also, you can suggest less physically demanding positions (now is not the time to whip out the karma sutra) such as spooning side by side so he doesn’t have to be on top or be concerned that you would have to do all the work.