Sexiest Jobs for Men and Women in Singapore


None of us wants to admit it but when we pick someone to date, be it on Tinder or through friends, their occupation does indeed matter. When we find out what they work as, it immediately affects how attractive they are to us. What’s your job, and how does it affect how attractive you are to potential suitors?


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Here are the top 3 most attractive occupations for men and women which would make it far more likely for someone to swipe right.



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If a man is his own boss, it gives the impression that he is capable and successful. There is also the appeal of flexibility… time off whenever he feels like it, plus, his choice of working hours. Little do Singaporean women know that a lot of men behind startups actually have to work hellish long hours and put in far more effort into work than their social life. They also forgo a good salary in the first few years. I guess women still look at the title entrepreneur and think he’s going to be her Elon Musk.


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Apart from on-screen doctors being portrayed as sexy, charismatic and charming as hell. In reality, the attraction of having a doctor as a boyfriend or husband is that they’re paid well, literally save lives, and have made it through medical school and residency for which they have to be very intelligent and insanely dedicated. All of this is very attractive to women.


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When it comes attractive occupations that cause most women on Tinder to swipe right, pilots came in the take chargetop of the ranks. Women are drawn to powerful men. Pilots portray the image of someone fearless, daring and intelligent. Plus, it comes with a lot of travelling perks such as romantic vacations abroad.



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Teachers are actually regarded as one of the top professions to date. Teachers are often associated with being passionate, patient, caring and dedicated. For men who are looking to settle down and start a family, they know that teachers are likely to be good role models and love kids.


Public Relations
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Attractive and capable women dominate the PR realm. Apart from looking hot, PR girls also have strong social skills and are well connected. The PR industry is stressful and demanding, and so it’s in their nature to be efficient and have a take-charge attitude. They put effort into everything, from a client project …  to building a relationship.


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No matter what sector, be it tech or fashion etc, female entrepreneurs are just as attractive as male ones. In this day and age, men are attracted to a woman's drive, ambition and her entrepreneurial spirit in just the same way men used to be attracted to any of her physical attributes. To a lot of men, there’s nothing sexier than a woman who is able to fill a man’s role, plus this gives him bragging rights among the boys.