Sexiest ways to celebrate NYE


It’s almost time to say goodbye to 2017. No other moment of the year gets as much attention as that last second of the year does.


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NYE is momentous, it marks the end of a whole year of challenges, happiness and heartaches. And the very next second after that is all about new beginnings and such promise and potential. It is no wonder that this is a special moment one would want to share with their partner. So here are a few ways to make this moment a sexy one for you two.


Buy new lingerie 


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Go shopping together and buy some new lingerie. Tradition has it that on New Year’s Eve, wearing new red panties guarantees passion and love in the new year, yellow panties help bring money and happiness into your life and white ones give peace and good health. 

Your choice! Or wear all 3… they won’t stay on long anyway!





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That kiss at midnight is one of the most romantic ways to ring in the new year. In Venice, one of the most romantic cities in the world, ‘Mass kissing’ events are held in the piazza of St Mark’s square, where hundreds of passionate Italians and tourists have a looooong smooch under the fireworks. Whether you’re at a party or having a stroll down Orchard road, remember to keep your man within arms reach when it approaches midnight. Prep those lips for a memorable puckering session!



Couple kissing and drinking on the bed in bedroom


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New year’s eve is a fun night and a huge celebration of the coming new year. Of course, there is more than one way of celebrating. Instead of being out there splashing serious cash and racking up a huge hangover for the first day of the New Year, why not stay in and celebrate? And by staying in and celebrating, I mean a sex marathon. So get your lover, a bottle of champagne and at the stroke of midnight, bring the new year in with a bang. Literally.


Have a sexy end to 2017 everybody! See you again in the new year!