Sexy Xmas Traditions to Have


Every family carries out their own set of Christmas traditions every holiday season. It’s a magical time of year and having special traditions are a great way to put us in a festive mood. Of course, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Christmas traditions, so this year, why not come up with a few special couples’ Christmas traditions which are guaranteed to light that festive spark in your relationship this year, and all the years to cum… sorry, I meant - come.

Sexy Christmas 

Photo by Ali Pazani from Pexels


Naughty or Nice Letter to ‘Santa’

This is a twist on the usual Dear Santa letters that children write when asking for gifts. Instead, our adult version involves a letter where each of you writes down their fantasy sexual scenario. Swap letters, then each partner should make one of their other half’s erotic dreams come true at some stage over the holidays. This beats any material gift, it can cost nothing, and yet be a whole lot of fun.


Buy Each Other a Toy

Make it a tradition each year where you buy each other an adult toy as one of their Christmas gifts. It’s so easy to get your hands on adult toys nowadays, you can discreetly shop for and purchase them online. If you’re unsure, there are also lots of online reviews on popular sex toys out there. Surprise your partner with one which you think he might enjoy (either on his own or with you). The possibilities are endless, a new vibrator, a sexy adult board game, some bondage equipment, etc. The best part is, it’s like double the fun because you get a new toy in return as well… so whoopee - Christmas comes twice (or more) this year!


Elf roleplay


Elf roleplay can be harmless fun and a laugh in the bedroom or you might get seriously into it. Either way, it’s a sexy tradition to have every Christmas. Whip out a sexy elf costume and indulge in some roleplay. He could play Santa, and you’re his very helpful but naughty elf helping him out with his huge package. And once Christmas is over, put the costume away and reserve it only for the next Christmas so it remains special.


Sexty Greeting

Personalise a sexy Christmas greeting text message for each other every year. Include a sexy picture of yourself which you can easily take with your phone. For instance, snap a picture of you in sexy lingerie, sucking on a candy cane, and caption it - “Sweet and Hard… Just Like You.” Don’t tell each other when exactly you’ll be sending that greeting, it could be one of the days leading up to Christmas, on the eve, or the day itself! Keep each other in eager suspense!