Should You Attempt a Road Head?


Road head gives another meaning to the term sex drive. It combines both fun and elements of the danger of performing a blowjob while driving.

Credit: Jack's Blow Job Lesson

While road head is risque, it is also risky! And here are the reasons why you shouldn't attempt a road head, but instead, do it in the safety of your parked car, if staying in a room is too boring for you.


No privacy

You will need to worry about nosey passerby or other cars alongside yours which can allow peepers into your private performance when you are having some sexy time on the road. And unfortunately, in Singapore, every stretch of road is littered with traffic lights and cameras. 


All the humps

Speed bumps are commonplace on our roads. Keep in mind this important lesson they forgot to teach you at the ComfortDelGro Driving Centre -  it takes just one unexpected road hump or pothole to bite a penis off.


Maintaining speed with other vehicles

I suppose this depends on how much of an exhibitionist you both are. If you do not wish everyone peering in on your act, then he shouldn’t pass or be passed by other vehicles. Particularly trucks and busses, as they will surely get a bird’s eye view of whatever is going on in your car. Imagine how dangerous this will be on the roads, for yourself and other road users.


It’s really uncomfortable

The centre portion between the front passenger seat and the driver’s seat has gear sticks, the emergency handbrake etc. Even if you put a jacket or blanket over all that, it will still dig into your ribs (it will feel like you are about to puncture a lung!) as you lean over trying to get your mouth to reach his penis. The position he’s seated in while driving is also not that conducive to receiving head unless his penis is significantly huge/long. 


Unnecessary risks

There have been cases of death with drivers getting distracted and crashing the car into innocent people. Take into account other factors that may up the risk involve - like wet roads, or simply because he is a bad driver.


Instead, why not just pull over at a quiet spot and engage in road head there while the car is parked. You can both even more comfortable in the back seat. Just as risque but not a danger to your lives!