Should You Choose a Man Who Can Match Your Intelligence?


Did you know that according to Darwin, men are genetically more intelligent than women? (I didn’t just make that up!). Apparently, because of the need to hunt and be resourceful to ensure the survival of his family, men developed more intelligence than women.

Credit: Match

In contrast, modern science refutes this claim. They say there’s actually no differences between the brains of men and women. Well, there’s truth in both Darwin’s claim and modern science. We’re just looking at it wrong.

There are on average, actual differences between male and female intellect. And these are just statistical averages, and they have only to do with types of intelligence rather than intelligence levels.

Some people have excellent memories, while others are better with technical hands-on knowledge, some find multi-tasking effortless, and some are great at strategizing.

A lot of it is pegged down to our gender roles, that is what we are thought to naturally excel in. On average, women tend to be more skilled at verbal tasks and non-linear thinking, while men show an affinity for math-based tasks and step-by-step processing. Women tend to have higher levels of emotional skills, and men tend to be better at spatial reasoning.

In a perfect world, you will pick a man whose intelligence complements yours. The best dynamic you can get in a relationship (much like how a team works) is by choosing a partner whose skills and strengths complement your own. If you enjoy cooking every night, while your man enjoys fixing things around the house, you can divide and conquer just as our ancestors did. He does some things much better than you do, and you do some things much better than he does. You need each other. Whatever one person lacks, the other person will make up for and vice versa.

However, when things get a little more complicated when matters of the heart are concerned. While it is great to have a man whose intelligence complements yours, his personality, character, values, life goals, and so many other factors come into play when you are choosing a man to spend your life with. Ultimately it is a combination of all these factors that makes him the one, or not.