Signs Your Spouse Is Having an Office Affair


Work is where we spend most of our awake time. In fact, most working adults spend far more hours with their colleagues than with their spouse or kids.


Credit: Watson Goepel 

It’s inevitable that such situations give rise to extra-marital temptations. Affairs with co-workers happen much more often than we dare to admit. Here are 5 signs to look out for.


1. Sudden Phone Secrecy

We all have our own levels of privacy when it comes to our mobile phones. My husband knows the passcode to unlock my phone because I feel it’s more convenient if he needs to use my phone for whatever reason, or go in my album to retrieve a picture, etc. Yet I have friends who do not let their husbands know the passcode or have any access to their phones at all. They’re not cheating on their husbands. What you need to look out for is a sudden change in the level of phone secrecy and security.

Has he changed the passcode without letting you know so you no longer have access to his phone? Is he suddenly walking out of the room to take calls? Or does he face his phone downwards instead of face side up on the table? Innocent people have nothing to hide and no reason to lie.


2. Change in Work Schedule

All this while, you know what his work schedule is like and it is predictable. If he hasn’t been promoted and nothing has changed in terms of job scope, yet he is spending more time at ‘work’ than ever before, indicates that something is amiss.

Has he uncharacteristically started to socialise more with his colleagues after work? Is he oddly happy to spend extra hours at work?


3. Changes in Appearance

After years of marriage, most people let themselves go. It’s the safety of being in their comfort zone plus the feeling like they no longer have to impress anyone. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, even though it’s quite sad when a couple no longer cares about being attractive to each other.

Has he started to dress better at work? Has he started to pay more attention to his appearance? Is he spraying more perfume than before? Does it feel like he wants to impress someone (but that someone is not you at all)?


4. Avoids You At Work

It’s very normal to bring up your spouse and kids in conversation with colleagues. Many people choose to have pictures of their family on their desk on as a wallpaper on their laptops or phones. However, if he has an office love interest, he is likely to clear out all visual evidence and reminders of you.

Does he discourage you from visiting him at work? And he no longer includes you in any work events? If you pop by his office for just a few moments for something simple like handing him some documents he left behind or giving him a surprise lunch treat… does he get angry or annoyed at you for turning up?


5. One Woman Stands Out

We can’t help it, if we are interested in someone, they will be on our minds and we talk about them a lot.

Does his face light up when he mentions a particular female colleague’s name? Is he always full of praise for her capabilities and in awe of her? If you’re hearing her name often, it’s because she’s constantly on his mind and also too close for your comfort.