Surprisingly Sexy Ways to Turn it Down


Getting turned down for sex stings. But whether you’re married with kids, dating someone exclusively or even single and flirting in the clubs, there will be occasions where you prefer to turn sex down.


Credit: Wellvenue

Perhaps you’re tired and need sleep, or are stressed about work deadlines, you have cramps from hell or just want to sit and enjoy some Netflix without the chill. You don’t have to be the ultimate party pooper by saying, “ugh, not tonight, I want to sleep.” 

Here are 5 ways you can turn him down and yet keep him happy.


1. Reject with Compliments

When you turn sex down, compliment his ability to get such raging hard-ons, his high testosterone, his high drive. Unfortunately, you just have too much work to do, and really wish you could have him thrust you deep with his hard cock. Just not tonight baby.  Don’t make his wanting to have sex with you a bad thing.


2. Be Reassuring

If you turn down sex by getting irritated and frustrated that they initiate it, it’s going to hurt the relationship. Do this often enough and you will find that your partner will stop initiating sex altogether because of the constant negative reaction from you. When you turn sex down, reassure your partner that you love them and are attracted to them and that you will make it up to them in the future. Make sure you initiate the next time too.


3. Give Him a Blow Job

This is what I prefer over period sex. If he happens to get turned on… (usually with my husband it’s if he walks too closely behind me and his crotch rubs into my ass)... but the time of the month isn’t right, I don’t turn his advances down but I turn it into oral pleasure for him.


4. Offer Him a Quickie

Ok, so this isn’t exactly turning sex down, but it’s definitely a lot less effort than full-on sex with foreplay and then some. If he’s up for sex and you’re not, whisper naughtily in his ear, “Let’s have a quickie on this couch right now.” When it’s a quickie, he’ll be less inclined to keep going at it chasing some unicorn of an orgasm for you. He’ll just focus on doing the deed and coming, and for guys that can be pretty quick. Wham bam, thank you mam. You didn’t even miss much of your Tv show.


5. The Innocent Kitten

If you know he’s keen for sex but you just want to sleep. At least go to bed sexily. Tell him that you are so sleepy but here’s a visual treat so he knows what to look forward to tomorrow night. Wear some nice lingerie for bedtime, stretch our sexily in bed before curling up like an innocent kitten (flash some boob or ass) and drift comfortably to sleep. He will no doubt either wank off over that visual or touch and caress you while pleasuring himself (both of which isn’t bad really. It’s a win-win).