The Best and Worst of Tinder Dates


Tinder Tinder Tinder… it is loaded with potential happily ever afters, but for the most part, it’s full of casual hookups, a good amount of deception… and a surprising amount of plain weirdos.

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I asked my readers to share with me their bests and worsts of Tinder experiences and here are my favourite stories. Thank you guys for sharing with me!


Geehan Osman

My worst Tinder experience was chatting with this guy from Germany who was in sg for 2 weeks. I decided to meet him for some drinks. But I was shocked when his profile picture and him in real life was totally different. Like totally absolutely not the same. And when he started talking, he had a terrible lisp! Couldn't make out what he was saying half the time!

And the best experience was when I chatted with a guy who just got divorced, we were very honest with each other from the get-go, met for drinks and started dating. Four and a half years, and we're still together. Tinder’s not all that bad afterall.



So, I matched with this lady who just stated that she was in the finance sector, so I thought she could be in banking or auditing. Upon chatting more, she mentioned she was into wealth management, which I asked if it’s similar to a financial advisor in layman terms and she said it’s kind of similar.

I was honest with her and told her that if we were going to continue chatting in depth, please don’t consider me as a potential client because I have no interest in getting any policy and I already have a financial agent. She suddenly unmatched and blocked me before I could say anything else! 

Nothing good has happened on Tinder for me yet!


Yong Wei

I think I might have been someone’s worst Tinder date. I went for a lunch date with a girl I had been chatting with. Halfway through lunch, she told me that she arranged for her parents to meet me.

I did not wait around for that, I settled the bill and disappeared! I ghosted her.


Janise Tan

My friend was playing with my Tinder and swiped right on a guy for me. I didn’t reply to his messages, but he messaged again and asked to skip the texting and head straight for dinner. I agreed since I am not a fan of texting anyway. He picked me up from my place in a cab, and took me to Jaan for the best date ever. He was incredibly well-mannered, interesting, and funny, and halfway through dinner when he excused himself to go to the bathroom, he kissed me on the forehead saying he’ll be right back. I was smitten!

My worst was a date with a guy who overshared all the stories of terrible dates he went on. And then he started asking me for details about all my exes and all the men I have dated. He told the server to get him the $8 red wine, and when I ask why not just tell her it’s the Cabernet Sauvignon, he just shrugged and said, “Oh she wouldn’t understand what that is.”

As if all that wasn’t bad enough, he ogled at a pretty girl passing by. Then proceed to send me 10 funny videos to watch. TEN! When I brush it off saying maybe I'll watch it when I have time later, he insisted that I at least watch one of them. (It was this one ) 

I politely told him we have a different brand of humour and while that guy is clearly a great comedian who picked a controversial topic that will bring him into the spotlight, I thought it was tasteless. He proceeded to insult me and my lack of humour, so I put some money on the table and marched out!



My Tinder experience was great because we got married!  The first date was a pleasant date. Back then I was travelling in and out of Singapore so I was just merely looking for a food buddy, expecting nothing from the match. He is a chef and so I was thought that might be the right person to go dine with hence the match. 

On our first date, we had it at Bedrock because we were both craving steaks and he brought wine along to pair with it. The conversation was just OK initially because I couldn't get used to his Italian accent but overall he's very knowledgeable about cuisine and I had a good time learning as I'm not a big foodie. He wasn't touchy at all (literally he didn't even touch any skin from my body) and I felt very respected. 

We went for a drink after the dinner at Atlas (Gotham looking building in Bugis) and even then, he was still very respectful towards me. Because usually if guys take you out for drinks, you will know what their motive is. But no, he was still being the nicest ever and so, we became dinner buddies since then till we decided to get married. 

My worst experience was in Hong Kong. The guy hinted that I should pay for his share because he said he was being a "tour guide" by showing me places (but he didn't!) We met at Lan Kwai Fong (a drinking place) and all we did was to just walk along the street. At the end of the evening, he asked to go back to my place after he found out I'm staying in a fancy apartment.