The Relationship Gender Gap


Ladies, think back to all your past relationships and one night stands or hookups ... and count the number of blowjobs you have given versus the number of times someone went down on you. I bet the ratio is something like 12:1 or worse!

Credit: adobe

Yes, granted, when it comes to gender inequality, this is not as big an issue as sexual harassment, or domestic violence, or pay discrepancy. But it sucks how so many (not just the men) think that blowjobs are considered the norm yet eating pussy is a bigger deal and thus not a given.

Women's sexual pleasure matter too. But most men are selfish, they only think of their own pleasure and the worst part is, we women are the ones that have allowed this to perpetuate.

In past relationships, I've had some boyfriends who would not go down on women. The myriad of excuses include; having had a bad experience once and thus he has written off going down on any woman ever again... to 'I'm better with my penis than my mouth'. But most don't offer any reason, you give them a blowjob and then instead of returning the favour, they end foreplay and slip their penis inside you.

My girlfriends and I have discussed it and the consensus is that all this comes from the same guys who expect mind-blowing blowjobs. Women are expected to go through the discomfort (kneeling/bending while moving our heads in an up-down/ back-forth motion and keeping to a 'don't stop' rhythm... plus the impending jaw ache... takes quite a bit of effort!). But the men are not willing to return that effort). It's almost as if they think that allowing you to perform that blowjob is your reward. Lol.

It's only after realising that my current sexual partner (my husband) goes south as often as I do.... that actually there was a wide disparity in all my past relationships.

Ladies, don't widen this gender gap by giving head to men who won't return the favour, no matter what his bullshit excuse is. Pleasure only those who want to pleasure you. Oh, and by the way, when it comes to licking pussy, practice really does make perfect.