The Serial Fence Sitter


Offload the deadweight (that is the indecisive man) and you will be freer, happier and more attractive than ever before.


We have all been there at one point in life. You fall for someone and the dates go well, and yet, he's not ready to be exclusive or make any sort of promise or commitment. You believe time will show him how good a couple you would make but as time goes on, you find yourself going in circles and not really progressing.

Here are some legit reasons why you should dump that guy who is still unsure about you and your relationship with him.


1. Life is short enough and difficult enough even with the right person. Your time is finite, don't waste it waiting for someone who is not even sure about you.


2. You don't get his best. When a man doesn't feel you're the right person for him, he will hold back. It's selfish but it's also just human nature. When he's down or lonely, he will come knocking and sure, life can be good then. But whenever he's strong and confident, he will start to see you as being not enough for him. Don't settle for scraps, it is an insult to you.


3. The relationship is not balanced in your favour. You will always be the one giving more, and putting up with less desirable stuff. While you bend over backwards trying to make him feel like you are worthy of his commitment.


4. There's someone who will be sure of you. Yes, there is! There will be men who aren't just 80% sure that you are the one they want, but are absolutely certain. Unfortunately, if you close all other options and wait endlessly for Mr. 80% to reach 100%, you might miss the boat and never discover the one (or the ones, plural) who will commit to you. Don't deprive yourself.


5. You have to be the strong one. Perhaps he's really not stringing you along on purpose. He does have feelings for you. However, some men are too afraid to settle and yet too afraid to break it off cleanly. You can't force him to settle but you can be the one who says enough is enough, goodbye.


Bottom line is- you can wait for him to change his mind, or you can change your mind about waiting for him.