The Starting Signs of a Good Relationship


No relationship is perfect, but some unions are more perfect than others.


Photo by mentatdgt from Pexels

For most of us, the honeymoon period of any new relationship lasts between 3 months to a year. We know that this honeymoon phase is over when infatuation and giddy love takes a back seat to life’s realities. Here are 5 starting signs of a good relationship which should surface within the honeymoon period itself, and that should give you a good indication of whether your romance can go the distance, once all the novelty wears off.


1. Comfortable doing the simple things

The initial stage of dating has a lot to do with setting great impressions on each other. He might take you out to a swanky restaurant, or you might take 2 hours to dress up to look great for him. Such grand gestures are great but eventually, all couples have to lower their expectations of the glitz and glamour and start realising how comfortable and content you are to just be doing everyday things together.


2. You have an argument

A good indication of the longevity of a relationship is in how a couple gets through their first fight. Disagreements suck, but the ability to thrash it out together and reach reconciliation makes a couple stronger. If you never have any arguments during the honeymoon period, that doesn’t mean you’re such a great match… it’s more likely the case that either one of you is skilful at manipulation, deceit, or you’re just bottling everything up and sweeping stuff under the rug. Having arguments and talking things out is a good way of not allowing problems and resentment to build up.


3. You laugh together

A compatible couple usually have a common sense of humour. When you find that you laugh at the same things, and begin to have your own inside jokes as a couple, that’s a sign of compatibility and familiarity with each other. Jokes are also a great way to lighten the mood when things get tough.


4. You fix a sex lull

It’s very normal for couples to go through dips in their sex lives where you’re just not on the same page when it comes to intimacy. It could be due to a new job, or a change in lifestyle, or a new baby. If you face a lull in your sex life and are able to fix it then you will probably be able to do so again when there are dips in your sex life together in the future. 


5. You prioritise each other

No matter how busy you are with work, friends, and family, you both put aside time to just be with each other. The amount of effort you constantly and willingly put into a relationship is an indicator of where the relationship stands in your life and how much of a priority it is.