Things Singaporean Men Don’t Know in Bed


Many years ago, I wrote Things Girls Don’t Know About Sex. I just stumbled upon that old article today and it occurred to me that hey, no matter how big the penis… or ego, there are actually lots of things that men here don’t know about sex, still.


Credit: Natalie Orosen

Here are 5 things that a lot of men in Singapore don’t realise about good sex. If your man is clueless about these points, maybe share this article or leave your browser window open and hopefully, he’ll read this!


1. Women Like Noise

Talk Dirty, flatter her, moan with pleasure. It’s not just the women who have to turn up the volume during sex. I’m not asking you to go all porn star fake. Just enhance what you already feel, or better still, don’t feel the need to stifle it. So instead of moaning a discreet ohhh, just let out that OHHHH YES!


2. Nipples are Painfully Sensitive

 Breasts and nipple do hurt when you squeeze them suddenly with all your might. It’s not pleasurable that way. You need to work your way up the intensity scale. Twisting and biting down hard on nipples is not appreciated. The only exception is when she asks you to squeeze her boobs or suck on her nipples HARDER… because sometimes our bodies crave that and then weirdly enough, it doesn't hurt us.


3. Stamina is Over-Rated 

Work on your skills, not your stamina. Yes, we would like sex to last more than 12 seconds, but no, it does not mean that longer is better. If you’re still thrusting and pumping after 45 minutes, you're no Superman... you're tedious man. Also maybe you should check out why you take so long to orgasm (see next point).


4. Your Penis Condition = Your Health

I come across some people in the past who had issues down there. Either it smelled and looked kinda funky, or they can’t get it up or keep it up (and blame you! haha), or can’t climax, or just didn’t have any sex drive. If you have any of these problems, or you never wake up with morning wood, get your health checked.  You might have arterial problems, thyroid imbalances, diabetes, or kidney diseases. It may also be caused by fatigue or psychological factors.


5. Falling Asleep Is Not Bad

Maybe movies are to be blamed, but many Singaporean men think that to roll over and fall asleep after sex is a big no-no. The truth is, it’s probably what she wants to do. She doesn’t want to engage in a lengthy discussion with you. Hahaha. When you orgasm, your body releases chemicals which makes you sleepy. Plus, exertion during sex depletes the muscles of glycogen, which leads to sleepiness. Men have more muscle mass than women, so they’re generally sleepier after sex. Just remember to pull her close in a snuggle.