Top 5 Places for an Office Romp


Whether it’s a fling with a co-worker, or sneaking into your husband’s office for a quickie… office romps are appealing because of the restrictions and risks involved. Very often, the naughtier and riskier the romp, the more of a turn on it is.

Credit: Sick Chirpse 

So here are 5 places you could have your next (or first!) office romp with your man.


On the reception desk

The front desk or reception is super appealing because you pass by it all the time. Everyone does! To have your romp right on that front desk, simply get to know the schedule of the cleaners at night and plan a time when no one is around. If you have security cameras in your office, throw a coat or scarf over them so you won’t be caught on film. Defile that reception!


In your own office

If you have your own personal office with a lock on the door (or he does), this makes for an easy romp. To turn it up a notch, indulge in some work-based role play. He can come in and act like a client, until he bends you over on the desk. Or you can be a powerful boss and he is your submissive assistant. A personal office is a rather safe zone compared to all other spots at work, so you can take your time in there.


The Stairwell

In most office buildings there’s less foot traffic at the stairwells on the top floors. Most people just take the lifts, so stairwells make for a great spot to get it on. Use the steps and the rails to your advantage and bend over in doggy style position. Oh and your moans will echo through the stairwell, so you might want to keep it quiet (or not).


The Conference Room

The conference room is a space that is full of possibilities when it comes to sex. Use the facility to rev your sexual experience up the kinky scale. You could do a live video feed online. There are websites where you can stream this. If that is too risqué for you, then opt to have the live feed on the projection screen within the conference room instead, so u can see yourself while you have sex. Unleash the voyeur in you.


The copy room

Set a time when people are less likely to use the copy room, for instance, when they’re all in a meeting or out to lunch. Casually walk in there like you need to photocopy something, and meet your coworker inside. Lock the door if you can, or if the door doesn’t look just use a rubber doorstop to wedge that door shut so no one outside can come in. Don’t forget to use the photocopier to zap some sexy positions.