Vintage Wedding Dress Ideas


Vintage weddings have become quite trendy, but more than just a fad, vintage weddings are timeless and elegant. For most, the idea of a vintage wedding invokes an image of a bride in a demure lace dress with pearls as well as a veil, however the phrase 'vintage' covers over fifty years of fashion, so the choices are practically endless!

What you should wear

Using the vast array of designs to select from, picking out the best dress is always difficult. Do you want an old-designed Victorian wedding? Maybe you want the fun and class in the roaring 20's. For a more casual vintage theme, you may choose a 50's type wedding, filled with poodle skirts

Whatever time period you decide on, remember to organize the bride's and groom’s clothing to mirror the theme as well as the wedding party's clothing. You might even want to investigate costume retailers that will have things you can choose from.

Choose from a vintage wedding dress or even a modern dress having a touch of vintage class. The very first option demands you to look for a particular design that represents your preferred time or era, whereas the second lets you just try to find accessories that could accentuate your contemporary wedding dress. Neither of them are necessarily the easier selection, as these choices require mindful thinking and consider lots of factors. Meanwhile, no matter what your choice is, make sure the outfit of your own entourage blends with the one you have along with your groom's.

Here's a quick concise guide to the main vintage appearance of each decade:

20s style began to move away from restrictive apparel like corsets and introduced lower waists, increased hemlines, lace and beaded outlining and directly-minimize silhouettes.

30s fashion was about elegance and glamour - think of the classic movie stars with waved locks, physique-embracing silky gowns and smoky eyesight makeup.

The forties were motivated by the army, incorporating a tailored check out suit gowns and leg-length hemlines. Tablet package hats with veils have been quite popular through the forties and 50s.

Fifties style was divided in between demure femininity and the flexibility of rock 'n' roll! Use a 50s type short wedding dress having a total skirt and dancing the evening away!

Style branched out in numerous instructions through the 60s, but iconic types consist of mod, cocktail clothes and naturally, blossom strength.

To get a 70s appearance, get a freely-moving maxi Grecian design gown in a v-neck or off shoulder style. The look for this era is feminine and romantic.

To make a classic appearance very first choose your era based on the kind of bridal dress you are after. Vintage wedding dresses change from flooring length, ankle joint length, tea-length and even short! The style is up to you - maybe you're inspired by the location, or even a classic film, book or celebrity. Browse thrift shops and vintage market segments for small touches to your wedding reception and components to truly give the wedding a classic feel. A basic wedding dress can be made a lot more amazing with the proper jewellery, shoes or boots, headwear and add-ons! And don't forget your bridegroom - there are plenty of different styles of formal menswear to choose from in order to match your vintage look.