What Break Up Reasons Really Mean


The breakup bug is going around. Not sure if it's the way planets are aligned at this time, but my friends, my readers who email me, celebrities on TV... they're all either having a rocky time or breaking up! Maybe it's all one big coincidence, maybe it's always been happening but I'm just more aware of it now. I don't know.

Credit: Drama Fever 

But today, I'll give you the top 10 most common reasons given when breaking up… and also what they really mean. (If only people could just be honest, it would make healing and moving on much easier!)


10. I still care about you.

No, I don't really. But I care about myself, and I hate how this is making me feel guilty... so I'll pretend I'm a good person and make it seem like I’m doing this in your best interest.


9. I just need something more.

I’m not sure what more is, but this line makes me sound so thoughtful and deep. I don’t know what you’re lacking exactly, but I’ve gotten ahead in my career now (or I’ve lost weight and look better etc) and I just feel like I can do better so I don’t want to settle for you anymore.


8. I’m just not ready for a relationship right now.

I just don't like you enough really. Don’t be surprised if like 8 months after today, I propose to the next girl I meet after you.


7. Let's still be friends, I hope we can still hang out.

I just want to keep our sex going.


6. I just really need to focus on (… school, job, whatever) right now.

I don’t think you’ll accept this break-up well, but you can’t argue with this reason.


5. I’ve got a fear of commitment.

I'm an asshole. You’re cramping my freedom. I wish you were the kind of girlfriend my mates have, you know, the kind that is not clingy and let the men do whatever they want. But you’re not, so I suddenly have commitment issues.


4. I just need to get some space.

I'm finding it increasingly hard to get away with doing things behind your back. It’s now too much effort and trouble for me.


3. I think we should see other people.

I’ve been sleeping with someone else, and it’s getting serious now…. So I’m just telling you this before you find out.


2. I still want to be with you, but I just want to take a break.

I want to play the field but keep you close in case I can’t find anyone better. In which case, I will take you back. So wait for me ah.


1. I do love you and respect you so much.

Please don’t tell your friends I’m a jerk. I value my reputation because I’m self obsessed.