What Makes Singaporean Women Unattractive to Singaporean Men


The Singapore Woman is educated, fashion conscious, well-travelled and independent. Yet we always hear Singaporean men lament that there are so few Singaporean women that are marriage material. Why is this so?!


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While everyone is unique and we don't wish to stereotype, here are some of the general traits that make Singaporean women unattractive:


Warped Sense of Gender Equality

This is an unpopular opinion (and I may be blasted for it) but Singaporean women have a warped sense of gender equality. For me, it’s simple, it’s either you’re traditional when it comes to gender roles, or you’re not. You cannot claim to be solely one side of this equation and then cherry pick based on what’s convenient for you. I think it irks many Singaporean men when Singaporean women want equality when it comes to being responsible for housework, cooking, taking care of kids, and opportunities at work. Yet when it comes to things like paying for dates/property/cars/etc, and National Defense, they are happy to relegate the bulk of it to the men.


Not Domesticated

Now, no Singaporean man is expecting his wife to stay in the kitchen making him sandwiches all day. However, when she can’t fry an egg, doesn’t have a clue on how to sew a button back on, has never wielded a mop in her life, or worse still… doesn’t even pick up her own mess, it’s unattractive to men, despite years of evolution. I suppose the inability to perform simple household tasks is because many Singaporeans grew up with (or dare I say, were raised by) maids. Again, not a popular opinion… but it’s the truth.


The Coveted Singaporean Lifestyle

We’ve heard of the 5Cs- Cash, Car, Credit Card, Condo,

Country Club… plus now you have whatever new ‘need’ that has emerged in recent years. It’s no longer confined to the ‘C’s. So for a Singaporean man, the stress of providing these ‘needs’ will double if he marries Singaporean wife in the same social circle with those same expectations. This would make the financial burden and stress in his life (and their life as a couple) rather unpleasant if he’s not already an accomplished man.


Overly Ambitious

Now there’s nothing wrong with being ambitious. But if you pursue ambition at any cost, then be prepared to live a (possibly lonely) life filled only with and by your career.  Now, this is not a stab at ambitious women, even successful men who are overly ambitious often end up the same way too. Singaporean men are wary of ambitious women, possibly because she intimidates them but also because she puts the relationship on the backseat. No one enjoys playing second fiddle. The peril of two ambitious people getting together is that it makes life miserable because there is no obvious support system between the two.



Men are generally accepting of materialistic women but only to a certain degree. It’s OK to covet some material items to propel yourself to improve your life. Unfortunately, many Singaporean women hanker after luxury branded goods for the sake of being showy and they have poor spending habits. This is unattractive, especially so if they expect said goods to come from the men as gifts.


I’m not saying that all Singaporean women are like this. I am not pointing fingers at you. But perhaps we could all do with a little bit of introspection and self-reflection when it comes to wondering why we may come across as unattractive.