What to Do During Foreplay?


When it comes to sex, actual intercourse (penetration), only takes about 10 minutes on average. Which is good, because anything longer can actually get quite tedious, or even sore. (Sorry guys, longer is not better! We don't want any 2-hour man.) The good stuff (orgasms and squeals galore) is in the foreplay!


Credit: Stocksys

Here are 5 things you can do during foreplay.


Oral sex

Some good old fashioned mouth action down south is a sure fire method to get things started on a very very good note. You could do it simultaneously in a 69 style or take turns so you can just lie back and enjoy the view and the sensations.



When was the last time you had a good make out session that comprised of only kissing? Full on, passionate kissing. Kissing is intimate and bonding, kindle those old feelings of young excitable love. Kissing is also a great primer for sex.


Tantric Massage

OK so maybe you don't want to use your mouth (perhaps you have a sore throat so oral sex and kissing are out). Try giving your man a tantric massage. It's like a regular massage but you focus all the rubbing and caressing around his upper thighs and groin area. He can return the favour and give you a tantric massage too but from experience, it usually doesn't get that far before the sexual tension is too much to handle.


Role Play

Role-playing doesn't have to be elaborate, although if you're prepared to go all out with costumes and props, then go ahead with that! But it can be as simple as acting out a fantasy or any sexy situation.



Or any sex toy you prefer, such as a dildo, or nipple clamps, or a whip. The possibilities are endless. I prefer the vibrator because of the intense vibrations. You can use it on your clitoris, or run it down that area between his balls and his crack.


So the next time you and your man have sex, don't scrimp on foreplay, invest in it and it will pay off far better than then actual intercourse can.