What Was Your First Time Like?


The very first time you went all the way. Losing your virginity can be exciting or traumatic, effortless or awkward, painful or pleasurable… or some combination of all of the above! But one thing is for sure, you never forget your first time.


Credit: Dissolve

Here are 2 of my close girl friends’ experiences and my own experience. I won’t say which one is mine, but you’re welcomed to guess which!


The One Hour Man

We were newly dating and I thought I was in love so I gave him my virginity. He was an experienced lover (or so he says) and I felt I would be in good hands. He would teach me and I didn’t need to be nervous about it. Little did I know that nerves would be a much smaller concern of mine than BOREDOM.

This guy took forever to cum. It was just a constant monotonous pounding! And as if that was not bad enough, halfway through, he thought it would be impressive to start twiddling his thumbs! With a smug look on his face like, ‘I got this babe. This is a walk in the park for me.’

What an awful first experience, none of the fireworks or mind-blowing euphoria type sex. I finally relented after what seemed like ages and asked “ Are you going to cum soon?”

To my horror, he said proudly, “no baby, I can keep going on like this. That’s why they call me the One Hour Man.”



I was 21 and in University. My boyfriend was a commando that I had been dating for 6 months. We talked about sex for some time, he wasn’t a virgin as he already had sex with his last girlfriend but I wanted to wait until I was ready. When I was finally ready, we did it in his bedroom while I was staying over (I had already stayed over a few times before but we never did anything beyond kissing and touching). We did so much foreplay that I got really wet and ready. I was so afraid it would hurt because he was well endowed. But he slid it in quite effortlessly. I asked in surprised “OMG IS THIS IT??? THIS IS SEX???”

I was surprised because I read so much about how the first time would be painful and there would be blood. But instead, it was good and no blood!

The following week when we did it again, with less foreplay this time because like… I thought I was some experienced champion already lol...I bled! I bled as if you took a knife and sliced me! Then he finally said “phew! You know when we did it the first time last week and you didn’t bleed, I thought you were lying about being a virgin.”


Spongebob No Pants

My first time was with my childhood sweetheart and we were both virgins. We had no idea what we were doing. He struggled to get my skinny jeans off, and then he didn’t know how to unhook my bra. By the time we were done, I realised I was completely undressed and he still had his clothes on. Then he had to awkwardly remove his clothes while I watched, trying to act like this is all cool but actually, I was nervous as hell. He left his socks on, so till this day, I have that image of this naked boy with a hard penis and his bright yellow Spongebob Socks on.

Sex itself was ok, but the whole experience just wasn’t sexy. We still laugh about it today, and nope we didn’t end up together. We both are married with kids now, just not to each other.