What Women in Successful Relationships Have in Common


Creating and maintaining a successful romantic relationship is not down to luck, making love last is actually a skill.


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One may be breaking through ceilings in her career, or physically much more attractive than other women, a domestic goddess, or a super mum but none of these accolades actually keeps a relationship strong. Here are 5 traits which women in successful relationships have in common.


1. Has empathy

No matter how busy she is, she will make time to connect with her partner at the end of each day. This involves sharing and listening to each other. She will focus on stressful things or matters that are important to her partner, and show her support. She doesn’t try to problem fix or worse still, trivialise his issues. She understands that he just needs to be heard.


2. Sets Clear Boundaries

Everyone has different ideals and ideas about how relationships should be like. We all have different tolerances when it comes to what we feel is acceptable behaviour in relationships. Things like no alone outings with the opposite sex, maintaining friendships with the exes, how ‘open’ the relationship should be, etc. Women in successful relationships make sure to discuss and agree upon these boundaries from the start so the expectations and each other’s deal breakers are very clear.


3. Has good work-life balance

It doesn’t mean that women who are overachievers at work are doomed to have poor relationships. But working in an environment which values family time, and promotes a healthy work-life balance does help in making relationships more successful.


4. Voices out concerns

Instead of holding quiet grudges or brooding over problems, she voices out her concerns as soon as she has them. Pent up emotions and poor communication often results in big fights later on.


5. Shows appreciation

She makes it a point to express fondness and appreciation towards her partner. She doesn’t take for granted that ‘he knows’ how much she respect she has for his talents and efforts. It doesn’t have to be a big show of appreciation but a simple few sincere words of thanks and praise makes her partner feel valued.