Which Game of Thrones House Matches Your Bedroom Personality


It’s April 2019 and that means that the new Game of Thrones season will be coming to us soon!


Credit: HBO

One cannot deny that apart from being gripping in terms of plot, the series is also teeming with of nudity and sexy scenes. Which of these 5 Houses matches your Which Game of Thrones house do you belong to based on your sex preferences and style?


House of Stark

Mostly missionary. You’re stoic, proud and strong. In bed and in relationships, you're willing to give everything you can to please and comfort your partner, even if you need to sacrifice your own pleasure and comfort. You’re dependable and consistent but some partners may feel you’re a bit too serious or boring. It could help if you learned to loosen up a little bit.


House of Lannister

You just lie there. You’re a somewhat selfish lover who wants to be pleased and lavished. Your intelligence and ingenuity are all you need to achieve everything you want in the bedroom. Your partner is at your sexual beck and call. Your elegance, and refined manner makes you attractive to lovers.


House of Targaryen

The woman on top positions like the reverse cowgirl. However, there’s a fine line between your brilliance and insanity. Either everything is perfectly under control, or it's pure and utter chaos.… and to some partners, you come across as too intense or riddled with ‘issues’.


House Dothraki

You get it on like Donkey Kong. Beastiality might secretly turn you on. You like doggy style, or any of the more brutish positions. You are wild in the sack and you don’t exactly keep a level head because you’re ruled by your primal instincts.


House of Martell

You’re keen to explore new moves, experimental stuff, include a myriad of sex toys in your bedroom repertoire and are even open to bi-sexuality. Your liberal attitude towards sex makes you deeply passionate and maybe even a little temptingly rebellious. However, nobody is more loyal than you, and your friends, family, and yes your partner, know it.