Why Some Guys Taste Bad


All guy’s sperm tastes the same. I say this not from a point of whorish-ness (lol) but from science. Yet, not all guys ‘taste’ the same.


Credit: CTF Assets

Sperm is sperm. But up to 98 percent of semen isn't sperm. Most of it are water, fructose, enzymes, minerals and other compounds. There can be vast changes to this semen ingredient list if there are illnesses like prostate cancer, STDs and urinary tract infections. Bacteria, viruses or even blood can sometimes be found in semen. However, even a healthy man can taste bad because of his diet.

Here’s a look at why some guys taste bad (and perhaps how you can make him taste better):


1. Dehydration

It’s the most common reason for gluggy looking and tasting semen. Fortunately, it’s the easiest to fix. Just get him to drink more water! Aim for 2 litres of fluid a day.


2. Diet

Foods like asparagus, garlic, cabbage, caffeine and alcohol are notorious for creating poor tasting semen. Instead, offer him foods like pineapple juice, peppermint, blueberries, parsley and cranberries.


3. Hygiene

The external condition of his nether regions doesn’t affect the actual taste of semen itself. However, it is awfully close to your mouth and nose. A large percentage of taste is derived from smell. A good shower and good grooming habits will definitely make him taste better.


4. Frequency

Test it out and see for yourself. If he ejaculated recently (like within 24hours), his very next ejaculation will taste more bitter than usual.


5. Illness

Some medication and antibiotics can make semen taste off. Illnesses and STDs also adversely affect the taste of semen. If it’s a course of medication, then you just have to ride it through, it will get better once he’s well. Of course, if it’s STDs, you may want to avoid BJs altogether. 


If you settle all the above and he still tastes bad to you… then maybe you’re not a good match for each other. Because your own tastebuds (there is a science to this) and your compatibility with him (this plays a psychological role in how you perceive the taste of him) plays a role in how he tastes to you (he may taste completely yummy to someone else). So either move on, or put up with it. Just remember, spitters are quitters *joke*.