Worst Oral Sex Experiences


Some time ago I wrote about the Sex Positions Men Actually Hate and since then, my readers (who are mostly women) have responded to me with the sex stuff that men do which they really hate.

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I’ve compiled the 5 worst ones pertaining to cunnilingus. Have you experienced any of these situations… or had worse?!


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1. “When they suck so hard you think they are trying to suck your clit off. This especially sucks when it’s the start, so I’m not warmed up yet but he just goes to my clit and tries to hoover it into his throat.”A guy tried to do the alphabet thing- he

2. A guy tried to do the alphabet thing- he spelt out A, B, C until Z with your tongue on my pussy. So annoying, totally no rhythm or pace. I’ve never been so bored in my life. It didn’t work and he left a sloppy mess!”

3. “He changed spots right before I was about to orgasm! ARGH! And I did signal to him that I was going to come soon, and I was moaning louder, but then he decided to just move his tongue elsewhere on my pussy. And while he was headed to the new spot, he grazed my engorged clit with his teeth. WHY?!!!!!”

4. “ He literally rubbed his stubbly face into my vagina. It felt like a cheese grater, I was in agony, and the more I said PLEASE STOP, he got turned on and did it even more. Later, after the deed, while I was so sore down there and very pissed off at him… he was surprised because he said he thought women liked it. MY GOD, it’s the worst feeling ever. Whoever told him that would feel good?”

5. “My boyfriend likes to put me in awkward positions like the crab, when all I want to do is lie down and enjoy myself. Instead, I have to strain myself to hold some shit position and hover over his face because I’ve somehow ended up with my body in the air. Thigh cramps and can’t relax enough to reach orgasm.