Your Boyfriend’s Guide to Enjoying EPL


The English Premier League season has started. You can almost hear the collective groans from women all over the world. 


Credit: Lipstiq

The EPL is the time when we cannot plan holidays or special events without upsetting our partner's football viewing schedules. It's the time when men crowd around the TV screens in pubs late at night (and wee hours of the morning) to cheer on their favourite teams. It's the time when many women become football widows.

Fret not, just print and give to your football crazy boyfriend, husband, lover, etc. This is the boyfriend’s guide to enjoying the EPL season without pissing you off.. Or losing you for good.


1. Keep her occupied

When football season comes, women often feel left out because the time you spend watching late night matches and then napping the whole weekend to make up for it.  It is a disruption to the couple's schedule she is used to. You need to ease the transition by keeping her occupied. If she is a bookworm, buy her some interesting novels she can get in to. If she loves shopping, then surprise her with gift cards to her favourite stores. What you're doing is a simple diversion technique. But of course, don't go as far as buying her a new puppy or anything like that!


2. Set time aside for her

Don't cast her away completely during EPL season. Maintain the relationship by setting time aside exclusively for her so that she does not feel left out or neglected. Focus on quality rather than quantity since you will have to juggle your time between her and football. Watch her favourite movies, go to her favourite restaurants, do the things that she enjoys. When she's happy, she'll less likely give you grief when you skip off to the pub to watch the match and enjoy a few pints.


3. Explain the game to her

In simple terms. There is no need to get too elaborate here, we just need to know the basics. A common reason why women don't enjoy football is because we don't know the rules or the scoring. You must remember that we didn't grow up playing football in the school field during recess. This is unfamiliar territory for us. If we don't understand the game, of course, we're not going to enjoy it.


4. Get her to watch exciting matches with you

Make a fun date out of it. Take her to a nice outdoor pub area to chill out. Order some tasty food (important ah!), and her favourite cocktails. Get her to root for her favourite team (even if she bases it on the colour of the jerseys!) and make it exciting for her by putting a little wager on it. For instance, if her team wins, then you'll take her on a weekend getaway once EPL is over.


If you do get her to not hate football anymore, get her to understand the game and even spend some fun nights watching matches with you at the pubs, you've done really well. Give yourself a pat on your back, enjoy the rest of the EPL without stress... but don't push your luck by expecting her to accept your fantasy football league indulgence too. For that one, I really have to say GROW THE FUCK UP!