Your Nudes Are Leaked! Steps for Damage Control


In this day and age where recording a sex video or taking sexy nudes are so convenient with the help of our mobile devices… we’re almost all guilty of having some sort of nude picture or video of ourselves out there.


Credit: Rick Lamb's Learning Blog

Perhaps some years ago, you sent a sexy cleavage shot to your (now ex) boyfriend but then felt extra naughty and flashed your nipples in the picture as well. Maybe you and your husband decided to record your lovemaking session to spice things up in the bedroom and then, unfortunately, one of you carelessly lost your laptop or phone from which that video could be easily accessed! Or it could even be the case where you had a major wardrobe malfunction while drunk at a party and you exposed your lady bits and people whipped out their phones to make you go viral.

I know, it sounds like your worst nightmare. But once it’s out there…. It’s there! There’s no going back. However, here’s what you can do if your nudes are leaked.


Make a police report

It is a crime, but they can’t really do jackshit about it, unfortunately. Still, it is useful to file a police report for the purpose of showing that you have taken action and are prepared to go further (like sue etc), this will deter people from spreading your photos/video as it is actually illegal to do so.


Rally your friends

Oh the shame!!! You will need the support of close friends. Haters will make you feel even worse. Only hang around positive people who will support you during this shitstorm. That's what you need right now, support. Not criticism.


Remove the content

Roll up your sleeves and go looking for all the sites which have your picture/video. You can Google your name and see what shows up. And you can also use the reverse image search on Google Images to see which sites have that naked pic of yours.  It could be a revenge porn site, or a voyeur webpage, etc.


Contact the owners

There’s usually an email contact listed. Politely asking the owner of the site to remove your photo will not stop your photo from going viral (it’s already making its rounds!) but it can help curb the potential of even more people seeing it, saving it and passing it on to others. Let them know that you have already made a police report. Oh, and another tip, if you can, mention that you are underaged! This scares the shit out of them and will ensure your content gets pulled out pronto.

If it’s on Facebook, flag it and get your friends to flag it too so that the administrators will be alerted to it faster and remove the content.


Take revenge

Finally… maybe take revenge. I know people always say you should never stoop as low as your enemies but it may make you feel better. If you know for sure it’s your asshole ex-boyfriend who leaked your nudes, then spread his dick pics generously around the internet. Maybe for good measure, email it directly to his mother. Lol.