Your Weird Fetish… is Common


We all have fetishes. We ALL do. 


Credit: Pexels/ Ana Maria Moroz

For me, I like being dominated and I also like roleplaying where the man takes a more powerful role such as a Professor and student. Pretty vanilla and not super weird if you asked me. But I have had partners who were put off by the whole concept of such roleplay and they would never partake. Oh well! 

I think that when it comes to fetishes in a new relationship, the fear is not so much in revealing what my fetishes are… but more of finding out what his fetishes may be. Like I said, my fetishes are pretty tame compared to what’s out there. Here are some weird fetishes I’ve come across and surprisingly, they are actually pretty common.


1. Ball Busting

Yup, it means exactly what you think it does. Some men enjoy having their ball busted. They love having a woman control them by their testicles. This could be from a domineering type role where a woman punishes a man for not doing her bidding and he gets turned on by that… or it could also mean the actual physical act of having a woman kick him in his nuts and yank his family jewels.


2. Voyeurism

I am into a bit of voyeurism myself, I mean who isn’t turned on by nudity or by watchcing other people have sex? But for those with a voyeur fetish, watching porn or trawling the internet for amateur voyeur photos isn’t going to cut it. They want to watch it live in person. It’s not all that uncommon to have a guy who actually wants to watch his lover having sex with another man (or woman) with his knowledge and consent.


3. Salirophilia

This is when one derives pleasure from soiling or degrading their object of desire. Many people want to put their lover on a pedestal, but those into Salirophilia get erotic pleasure by doing the exact opposite. For instance, smearing her make up all over her face before having sex. A friend of mine used to date a model and he told me he wanted to fuck her in the ass… not because he was into anal sex (he’s actually not into it) but because he just wanted to defile her.


4. Katoptronophilia

It sounds way out there… but it really is just having sex in front of a mirror. If you’re the kind who is only comfortable taking your clothes off and having sex in a very dark room, then this fetish may be alarming to you. But I assure you that if your man has such a fetish, he’s not weird at all. Lots of men and women do enjoy watching themselves having sex. It’s very harmless (and even beneficial) spectating.


5. Golden Showers

Many people enjoy peeing on their partners or having their partners pee on them. The fact that it’s taboo or dirty is usually what turns them on. If your partner has such a fetish and you’re going to indulge him/her, make sure you hydrate yourself so your pee is not disgustingly concentrated. Golden showers are pretty common but I’ve also come across one person who desired to have sex in a tub full of pee. Yikes!


Are any of these your fetishes or the fetishes of your man? Don’t worry, you’re not alone and it’s not that weird either!