Your Virgin Tampon Moment


This article is inspired by my colleagues who are well in the mid-twenties who have NEVER worn a tampon before and they are absolutely ignorant on this subject. So gals, this is for you and yes, we CAN go swimming with tampons in.

Tampons, like pads, absorb your menstrual flow. But unlike pads, tampons are much more hygienic and they absorb the blood before it has a chance to leave your body. So no uncomfortable cotton pads on your va-jay-jay 7 days long or no more paranoia that you are going to leak sideways. And if you think that your tampon is going to get lost in your body, the string is long enough to serve as a reminder that you have it in your vagina.

Also, you will know when your tampon is full or if it is time for a fresh new one. Or simply just change every 3 hours. 

Take it from me. I have been using tampons since I was ten years old. I was an active netball player and athlete so when my mum introduced tampons to me, it was like a lifelong savior!

How to insert a tampon

1. If you are using an applicator, stand with one leg up and insert slowly. Once the applicator is inside your vagina, push the inner tube using your index finger until the entire tampon is out. Remove the applicator. Make sure the string is visible and comfortably tucked.

2. If you are using the other kind of tampon, remove the plastic and insert with your finger (but do ensure your hand is clean and washed with soap before touching your intimate bits). Gently push it up into the vagina.

3. If you can feel your tampon, you are doing it all wrong. Remove and reapply.

How to remove a tampon

1. Just pull the string and chuck it into a bin. Done.

Now, while tampon is as comfortable and easy to insert and remove, there is something you have to take note - Toxic Shock Syndrome. Toxic Shock Syndrome is caused by bacteria if you leave your tampon inside for too long. If you develop sidden high fever, diarrhea and feeling faintish or nauseating, remove your tampon pronto and consult a doctor. 

Try to alternate between pad and tampon use - pads at night and tampons in the daytime.

And no funky business of getting smashed with vodka tampons!

Please please please, tuck your tampon string away. It is embarrassing to be caught with it sticking out. Like, "Hello... Did your vagina grow a tail?!"

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