Zappos Uses Naked Models To Sell Clothes


Zappos uses QR codes to let you dress the models. Instead of hiring models to wear their clothes, online retailer Zappos has decided to hire models not to wear them, as these new print ads show.

The ads will appear in the August issues of a number of magazines, including InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar.

They will use QR codes to let you dress the models, view videos of what happened to the women in the ads and buy the outfits on show.

Those disappointed by the lack of any male models will be pleased to hear that at the end of the month, an interactive ad featuring a naked male character will go online.

Shot around Manhattan, they feature women doing everyday things like jogging, riding a scooter and hailing a cab.

The women are covered by strategically placed blue censor bars reading “more than shoes!”

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