Halloween Inspired Sex Positions


If it's always the same two positions; missionary and doggy and sex has become so predictable that you find myself zoning out while you are in the middle of sex, it is time for a change and make sex fun again. How do you get him to try something new?

Well, what better time to release your inner demons than on All Hallow's Eve? Even if you don't care about costumes or role playing, and you have been so busy the whole day that you didn't plan anything special for the night... well, you don't have to miss out on ghoulish fun.

Today, I have my own boyfriend, GB's comments on these new sex positions. Let's hear from a Male's Point of view as well..

The Silence of The Lambs

Holly: Remember Hanibal Lector from Silence of the Lambs? This Halloween sex position is no different. One partner is strapped a chair (or bed) with hands acorss the chest (like in an insane asylum), the mouth is gagged.  The other partner gets to enjoy the benefits of having someone strapped down in front of them. That involves groping, teasing, prodding, and just about anything else you want.

For the one who is restrained like Hanibal, well... you will be able to feel your partner touching you and pleasing you yet you won't be able to say anything or touch anything... that's enough to drive anyone crazy!

GB: This position is an immediate failure! Mouths gagged?????? How to give me the required foreplay then? Moreover, I don't see how it is a sexual position. Where to put my little brother if she is sitting on the chair and the mouth is gagged too? But maybe it is just that that I am a philistine and don't understand the rock'n'roll.

Ghost Rider

Holly: No, please do not set his head on fire. The Ghost Rider involves the man lying on the edge of the bed with his legs and bum off the bed. The woman straddles him and rides him facing away from him.

This position lacks intimacy on purpose. It's a selfish position where you don't have to look at each other but you move according to what pleasures you.

GB: This sounds interesting, but please note that your man might end up with a serious sore lower back the next day. Probably it would be better if he just sits at the side of the bed and you give him a head.

Grave Robber

Holly: The key to this Halloween sex position is the sexual thrill of doing something in the pitch dark, under the covers and in secret. 

The way it works is that you wait for your man to just fall asleep, then you give him the unexpected thrill of jerking him back to life with oral sex.

GB: Oh wow! This is every man's hidden dream!

Corpse Sex

Holly: In this Halloween sex position, partners start off in a standard missionary position but once your man has comfortably penetrated, that’s when things really get erm... dead. You are not allowed to use your arms or legs during intercourse.Give your partner a taste of nacrophelia (sex with corpses).

GB: I personally prefer the other way. I lie on my back and only provide the stick to ride on, the girl does the rest. (or wakes me up if needed)

Bobbing for Boobs

Holly: This is more of a fun foreplay activity. Fill up a bathtub and get in it (naked of course). Blindfold your partner and have him kneel beside the tub. Tie his hands behind his back, and get him to bob his head in until he catches your boob in his mouth. It's a big laugh and there will be plenty of splashing around. (Until it's time to really get down and dirty of course)

GB: Not sure this works that well in Singapore. A lot of times it is already damn challenging to find the girl's boobs in bright daylight.Consider bobbing for dick instead.

The Tarantulla

Holly: Spiders are creepy and scary. This Halloween sex position is inspired by the 8 legged creepy crawly. As your man penetrates you, wrap your legs around his upper thighs/butt tightly and wrap your arms around his torso and squeeze and hold on. And as you are about to come, bite into his neck.

Tell your man that Halloween isn’t about being normal, it’s about being downright crazy. So pick your favourite Halloween sex position and shriek, moan and howl all night long!

GB: There is an implicit assumption in this, that the girl is going to come - maybe that concept would require further explanation for a lot of guys around.

Otherwise pass.

Holly Jean Aroozoo is our Contributing Love & Sex Editor. She is a very popular blogger who was one of the top 10 finalists in the Singapore Blog Awards, Best Lifestyle Blog category and contestant on S Factor in 2009.

Part of the FHM top 100 Girls Next Door in 2008, she is impulsive, adventurous and enjoys travel, new clothes, unhealthy food and men. She adores all things pink
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